UPS - UPS Lies and is so unreliable it sickens me

Posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 at 8:52am CDT by 01f696c8

Product: UPS Next Day Air

Company: UPS

Location: CT, 06489, US

Category: Other

I recently ordered a product that I needed in a hurry. I ordered my product and received a shipping confirmation e-mail saying it had shipped before noon on a Friday. I paid $35 to have a $25 item shipped overnight to arrive on Saturday. The day came and went and no package. I used my tracking number I was provided to find out what was going on. The info on UPS website was that package was "on-time" for delivery the following Monday. What the hell does "overnight" or "next day" mean to these idiots. I am understanding if you cannot deliver overnight, but then don't offer it!!!! People trust UPS to deliver when they say they will your business to do so! How can a shipping company be so unorganized? When you set the expectations for customers we blindly believe you will do what we paid you for and what you promised to do by accepting that payment. It is no different then a contract. If any other business ran as poorly and broke contract as often as UPS, they would be out of business or in jail. This is the rant of a man who has been burned before, and got burned again by the worst shipping company out there...UPS. Go pick up the item yourself if you really want or else you may not get it when you need it... correction...probably won't get it when you need it. So this is the end of my complaining, and the end of my relationship with UPS. If you have any choice in shippers, pick another one. UPS sucks BIG TIME!!!!!


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