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Posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 at 8:36pm CDT by c07d9d07

Company: Quick Collect - QCI

Location: P.O. BOX 55457 PORTLAND, OR 97238
Portland, Or, 97238, US

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First, note that I've started a Facebook page; Quick Collect - QCI Abuses. Please post there so that a legislative and legal effort can get underway.

They illegally posted an account on my minor daughter's credit report, apparently for a number of years. Did nothing to inform me of the account and accumulated a great deal of interest on the account.

If I'd been contacted, the account could have been taken care of years ago.

The QCI solution. They refused to provide written confirmation that they would delete the account off my daughter's credit report and hung up on me before we could even discuss the interest.

They have now filed suit over a supposed $163 balance, though they are now asking for over $400. If their client, Peace Health, or they had done anything to bill me earlier or would have been willing to hear anything I might have to say on the phone, I would have paid the thing years ago.

I believe they intentionally take years to contact debtors so that they can rack up interest charges on otherwise small balances. The state of Oregon allows an automatic interest charge by statute and they take advantage of this.

Please help change this and other collection practices by finding me on Facebook: Quick Collect - QCI Abuses.

Thank you.


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