Crown Rental - Bad Rental Management Company

Posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 at 3:55pm CDT by 9f61b244

Company: Crown Rental

Location: 8859 W. Flamingo Road #110
Las Vegas, NV, 89147, US


Category: Other

Hi, my name is Sharitta King and im writting you in regards to the very bad experience I have had at Crown Rentals. I have Judy Gabriel on my voicemail and text messages with her promises she did not follow through on. I meet with Mrs. Gabriel on Aug 4th to see some property that she had for rent. I filled out the application and turned in all the paper work she did to my section 8 caseworker. I called about the property i was shown and she told me she is going to rent it out to someone else but have another condo that i can move into. She told me on Aug 20 i could move in cause the people that is living there will be out. When Aug 20 came the people were not out. I had already turned in paperwork and took her word and she was promising me. I called her on the 27th of Aug the day she told me it will be ready and she told me the people still have not move out and the sheriff will be putting them out on the first of Sept. I explained to her that had to go out of town to get my kids and i

needed the place to be ready when i come back on the 6 of Sept. She left a message on my voicemail stating the place will be ready and call the electric company and start service on Sept 3rd. I did so. I talked to her on the 3rd and told her i put service in my name at 8555 Russell unit 1078 she even faxed that info to the utilitie place confirming my move in. I then spoke to her again on the 4th and she tells me they not moving out. I asked her when did she find that out she says yesterday morning. so i asked her if she knew that why did she have me that friday evening to put service on in my name. me and my kids had no home to move in when we got back and i was billed by the electric company for services that i didnt use because of here. all i want is to have her to pay the bill.


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