The Venetian - Theft of deposit

Posted on Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 11:53am CDT by 2f002357

Product: Apartment complex

Company: The Venetian

Location: 7771 Joe Newton Rd.
San Antonio, TX, 78251, US


Category: Other

This is the letter that I have sent to the property owner:

I would like to first provide you the background for this complaint. My wife (then girlfriend), Melissa, moved in to the Venetian when it was still North Courte apartments in July 2007. She paid her deposit & $300 pet deposit for apartment #2001. She was thrilled with the staff & maintenance crew. Everyone was nice & very helpful. It was a safe place to live. In December 2007, the house I was renting was being sold & Melissa referred me to those apartments. Due to my low credit score, I was required to pay both the $200 move-in, my first and last months rent ($550 each) for apartment #2101.

In June 2008, Melissa talked to Melinda about us upgrading to one of the 2 bedroom apartments. Her lease was coming due at the end of July so she was told to not renew her lease & my current lease would roll over to the new apartment as an upgrade. Melissa had to pay the $300 pet deposit again for the new apartment #1901. She received the refund of her deposits from #2001 in August 2008. I never asked about my deposits from the original apartment due to the fact that we had been told they would roll over to the new apartment. So at this point, there is another $300 pet deposit, my last months rent ($550) & my $200 move-in deposits on our new 2 bedroom apartment (#1901).

In January 2010, we started having numerous robberies occur on the property & to our apartment. We would report them, but nothing was ever done to remedy the situation & the majority of the time the incidents were never reported in the monthly newsletter as they are supposed to be. The office manager refused to listen to the facts of our break-ins & that it is someone on her staff that had ready access to a key for the apartment. In March, we decide to have a house built because we no longer felt safe at The Venetian apartment complex & the management no longer listened or did anything about it. We were married in May & were looking forward to leaving the property which had gone down hill drastically in the past year. In June 2010, I provided notice to the office that we would not be renewing our lease. I provided the office another copy of this notice of non-renewal after I spoke with someone in the office later in June & they said they never received it. So the apartment was officially turned back over to The Venetian around July 15th, but the rent had been paid in full for the month of July.

We knew there would be cleaning & new carpet needed for the floors due to my wife's old dog, but with having moved in to the new house & all that entails, time flew by & we had forgotten about the deposits & any refund. Melissa received a call on Thursday (10/21) that her deposit was ready to be picked up. When she told the young lady that I would be picking it up, the young lady had no idea who I was even though I had lived there for almost 3 years. When I arrived to pick up the check, I questioned the amount of $18.02, because the form I was given showing the breakdown of funds, did not show my last months deposit from my original apartment (2101) that was to have been rolled over to the new apartment (1901). That was $550 that just disappeared!

When I questioned the young lady, she couldnt find any information at all. Then the acting manager, who has never been friendly nor helpful since she came on to the staff, told me that there was nothing that could be done because they have no record of my deposits. So I have been robbed of $550 by the property. I can promise you that reviews will be placed anywhere that I can find online & I will be sure to let all my friends know that they should not consider moving to the property due to the lack of courtesy & professionalism in the office as well as the fact that if you stay there long enough, they will lose your deposit & then say that they dont owe it to you anymore. Not to mention all the robberies (by a particular mainenance individual) that could affect anyone who moves in.

Melissa contacted the office October 25, 2010, in order to try & receive copies of the lease agreements from our initial move in. Since it has been less than 3 years since I moved in to my first apartment there, I would hope that they would find those records for me, but unfortunately they have not even taken the time to return the call.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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