DirecTV - DirecTV & unauthorized debit

Posted on Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 10:03am CDT by 8868d9ce

Product: DirecTV

Company: DirecTV

Location: PO Box 78626
Phoenix, AZ, 85062, US


Category: Other

I canceled my DirecTV account & returned their equipment due to unsatisfactory customer service.

Without my permission DirecTV debited my bank account for the balance due. I called DirecTV asking that they credit the monies back to my account, send me a bill and I would send them a money order. They refused!

I spoke to representatives at my bank on two separate occasions; two different representatives told me that DirecTV is notorious for this type of action/transaction.

I am contesting the charge with my bank and have filed a complaint with the FTC.


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