TD Bank - Theft of monies and unauthorized charges NEVER Returned

Posted on Monday, October 25th, 2010 at 4:20pm CDT by 81d0aa34

Product: Checking account ACH charges abd fees

Company: TD Bank

Location: 1701 Rte. 70 E.


Category: Other

I had an account with TD Bank formerly Commerce, I moved from NJ to SC and I had my SS check deposited directly into my TD account. My spouse was on disability and his checks did not come in regularly due medical updates required by Disability. I Informed TD about the problem with our deposits and asked TD Bank to STOP all ACH on various times(every month on numerous times I called the bank) because they would continue put the ACH charges in and I was not able to keep up the overdraft fees and that I was in the process of transferring the ACH charges to my present bank account in SC. They informed us that they would charge us no matter what whether they put the charges in or not. What's going on they are stealing from their customers outright. I also asked TD Bank to set up a E-Check deposit account so as soon as we got the disability check we could make the deposit into the account and avoid the overdraft fees. I told TD Bank that their nearest branch here in SC was an 8 hour drive and that we could not make the drive to make a deposit. Again they refused to cooperate with us instead they informed us that we could mail back the disability deposit and of course by the time the deposit arrived we would have overdraft fees and NO funds would be left in our account. It got so bad that I had nothing left in the account with several overdraft fees from my social security income which was not much and the account was always a minus balance. We had to stop doing business with TD Bank because their unethical business practices. I told them that the last ACH charges that they had put in had already been PAID to the client on my new account in SC, they paid out the monies to the company that was already paid and therefore the company was paid twice and we were out of our money. I asked TD Bank to re-coup the monies paid out and instead they charged me an additional $20.00 and they never returned the money and they now are charging for me for Stealing my own money. They stole my money and I am stuck with the following damages that I now can not even open a new bank with a Credit Union, because I can not continue with my present bank now because of the bank fees related to one's balance restriction on my account and income is limited. I have called the corporate office and they do not reply... CROOKS


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