movie tymes - movie tymes/mike sucks

Posted on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at 5:38pm CDT by 30b7d5ad

Company: movie tymes

Location: holts summit, mo, US

Category: Other

I am also an ex employee of mike's and I completely agree with all the negative comments. His games and videos are constantly defective if a customer had a complaint he quickly became defensive and tried to blame the customer. His dvd cleaner was constantly broken or it would scratch the dvds even more, yet we were advised to put it back on the shelf. He handwrites all his paychecks and on more than one occasion he wouldn't have them done on payday. When I inquired when it would be available he was nothing but rude. No matter how long in advance you would request a day off he would call you on the day off and make you feel bad and tried to guilt trip you for wanting a day off. During the time I worked there he had just reopened the movie theater. I used to spend most of my weekends running between the two places cuz he is too cheap to hire enough work (btw it was the miDdle of winter). At the time I worked there he only had female employeesj most of them skinny and had a big rack. He would make his employees call other movie rental places and inquire if they had new releases in stock and how many; lots of times he would call himself. When a new movie came out mike would only buy a few copies and then wait a few weeks until hastings sells their old rental copies and mike would purchase them at that point. One time mike asked me to drive by someone's house and inquire about an overdue game they had. Shortly thereafter I quit. In conclusion, movie tymes may he low prices but the quality of his merchandise is shitty. I would spend the extra coupole dollars somewhere else and get the quality of a game or movie that I would expect. Also, unless you want mike calling or possibly even showing up at your house I would recommend not even having a membership there.


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