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Posted on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at 4:58pm CDT by 41ca5106

Company: Walt Disney World

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DISNEY DRC ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! It is a real shame that Disney only seems to care about the Guest that is going to stay on property 1 -2 weeks or more and spend thousands of dollars, and not the Guest from the local area who, even though staying on property for 1 night, makes many return visits during the course of a month and spends just as much, or much more, than the Guest who visits on vacation every 1-5 years or so! It seems that Disneys' creed of EVERONE having a magical day is only meant for a select few. What a shame!


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Lucia G., 2012-10-10, 11:55AM CDT

We've been going to Disneyworld since 1973, going with our kids, going alone as a couple and planning to bring our grandkids within the next few years. In the past we had no problem getting a reservation at the Canadian restaurant in Epcot. On our last visit and now on our future visit in November, Le Cellier is completely booked up!! They're now marketing it as a "steakhouse" and I am completely disappointed that you need to obviously book months in advance to get a reservation. Don't know if Canada or Disneyworld is responsible but they either need to expand or figure out how to fix this. It seems to go against the entire Disneyworld image.

c0bec7fa, 2013-01-05, 06:13PM CST

I have been on the phone a minimum of ten hours over the past few days with disney phone reps trying to make reservations. The operators are not trained in the are of customer service and are terrible when it comes to giving answers to questions. The hold time was unacceptable to say the least. I have never experienced this problem in the past when making reservations. I don't know how to get to a supervisor. The wait time for them to answer the phone is 45 min. This is absolutely terrible.....

f5198adc, 2013-08-25, 11:53AM CDT

I would like to take a moment to say that the phone prompt's really suck!!!!!. The customer service people were very nice but they had a hard time finding the Fla. resident deals and they do not do much for the military and that is sad for the people that have served this country .

WeagleWeagleWarDangEagle, 2013-08-25, 06:02PM CDT

As much money as Disney makes you would think that they would invest a little more money in the customer service and the vacation planning department. There are people out in the world that would almost die for the opportunity to visit Disney, but cannot afford to do this. As a company, with such phenomanal success, and worth trillions of dollars, they would develop an :INCOME BASED" vacation package that would provide an opportunity for every WORKING FAMILY (emphasis on WORKING-Parent(s)MUST have a job that reports wages earned to the Federal Gov't. This way the program has a check and balance system that will allow minimal people that are willing to fraud the system by lying about family income in order to take advantage of a Budget Disney Vacation. Just something to think about. One more thing: The customer service, vacation planners, and other employees that are hired to answer phone calls from current/future/pospected visitors should be able to talk to whatever nationality the caller is...If a person is a US citizen and speaks fluent English then the caller should have the opportunity to speak to an employee that is also a US citizen and also speaks English fluently!!! Otherwise there is a communication breakdown and the caller hangs up without having question called for effectively answered. Just saying!! Come on Disney it is time for your company to GET REAL and help the less fortunate USA residents an opportunity to experience the wonderful world Mr. Walt Disney invented and built. There's nothing like actually witnessing and being part of the wonderful world of Disney.

1461aa24, 2013-09-25, 02:37PM CDT

My parents 46th wedding anniversary is on Friday 9/28. I called and tried to arrange things so that I could pay for their meal. They are eating at Crystal Palace, so the total price would be easy to figure out. I was told that they do not do that and suggested I give them a gift card. I know my parents, I wanted to surprise them with their meal. They wouldn't accept a gift card from me. I am really disappointed that after all the money I spend there every year that could not make it happen. I work at a nice restaurant and we allow it. So I know it could be done, they just don't want to. So much for trying to help them celebrate and enjoy this special occasion. I know when I go to Disney in May for 2 weeks that I will make different decisions.

Vicci, 2014-03-31, 06:54AM CDT

Today we are trying to set up our fast passes and found out that we could not setup a FP for (2) "premier" rides at the parts (i.e) you can not have a FP for Soarin and Test Track at epcot. I think this is ridiculous!! defeats the purpose of the FP - if you are only able to get the pass for (1) ride! I'm very disappointed in this set up and I do hope this will change as Disney finds this is not a good practice to making your guest happy!

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