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Posted on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at 4:58pm CDT by 41ca5106

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DISNEY DRC ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! It is a real shame that Disney only seems to care about the Guest that is going to stay on property 1 -2 weeks or more and spend thousands of dollars, and not the Guest from the local area who, even though staying on property for 1 night, makes many return visits during the course of a month and spends just as much, or much more, than the Guest who visits on vacation every 1-5 years or so! It seems that Disneys' creed of EVERONE having a magical day is only meant for a select few. What a shame!


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Lucia G., 2012-10-10, 11:55AM CDT

We've been going to Disneyworld since 1973, going with our kids, going alone as a couple and planning to bring our grandkids within the next few years. In the past we had no problem getting a reservation at the Canadian restaurant in Epcot. On our last visit and now on our future visit in November, Le Cellier is completely booked up!! They're now marketing it as a "steakhouse" and I am completely disappointed that you need to obviously book months in advance to get a reservation. Don't know if Canada or Disneyworld is responsible but they either need to expand or figure out how to fix this. It seems to go against the entire Disneyworld image.

c0bec7fa, 2013-01-05, 06:13PM CST

I have been on the phone a minimum of ten hours over the past few days with disney phone reps trying to make reservations. The operators are not trained in the are of customer service and are terrible when it comes to giving answers to questions. The hold time was unacceptable to say the least. I have never experienced this problem in the past when making reservations. I don't know how to get to a supervisor. The wait time for them to answer the phone is 45 min. This is absolutely terrible.....

f5198adc, 2013-08-25, 11:53AM CDT

I would like to take a moment to say that the phone prompt's really suck!!!!!. The customer service people were very nice but they had a hard time finding the Fla. resident deals and they do not do much for the military and that is sad for the people that have served this country .

WeagleWeagleWarDangEagle, 2013-08-25, 06:02PM CDT

As much money as Disney makes you would think that they would invest a little more money in the customer service and the vacation planning department. There are people out in the world that would almost die for the opportunity to visit Disney, but cannot afford to do this. As a company, with such phenomanal success, and worth trillions of dollars, they would develop an :INCOME BASED" vacation package that would provide an opportunity for every WORKING FAMILY (emphasis on WORKING-Parent(s)MUST have a job that reports wages earned to the Federal Gov't. This way the program has a check and balance system that will allow minimal people that are willing to fraud the system by lying about family income in order to take advantage of a Budget Disney Vacation. Just something to think about. One more thing: The customer service, vacation planners, and other employees that are hired to answer phone calls from current/future/pospected visitors should be able to talk to whatever nationality the caller is...If a person is a US citizen and speaks fluent English then the caller should have the opportunity to speak to an employee that is also a US citizen and also speaks English fluently!!! Otherwise there is a communication breakdown and the caller hangs up without having question called for effectively answered. Just saying!! Come on Disney it is time for your company to GET REAL and help the less fortunate USA residents an opportunity to experience the wonderful world Mr. Walt Disney invented and built. There's nothing like actually witnessing and being part of the wonderful world of Disney.

1461aa24, 2013-09-25, 02:37PM CDT

My parents 46th wedding anniversary is on Friday 9/28. I called and tried to arrange things so that I could pay for their meal. They are eating at Crystal Palace, so the total price would be easy to figure out. I was told that they do not do that and suggested I give them a gift card. I know my parents, I wanted to surprise them with their meal. They wouldn't accept a gift card from me. I am really disappointed that after all the money I spend there every year that could not make it happen. I work at a nice restaurant and we allow it. So I know it could be done, they just don't want to. So much for trying to help them celebrate and enjoy this special occasion. I know when I go to Disney in May for 2 weeks that I will make different decisions.

Vicci, 2014-03-31, 06:54AM CDT

Today we are trying to set up our fast passes and found out that we could not setup a FP for (2) "premier" rides at the parts (i.e) you can not have a FP for Soarin and Test Track at epcot. I think this is ridiculous!! defeats the purpose of the FP - if you are only able to get the pass for (1) ride! I'm very disappointed in this set up and I do hope this will change as Disney finds this is not a good practice to making your guest happy!

Teri G., 2014-10-03, 05:34AM CDT

I am once again on hold for an undetermined amount of time for the 4th time about my reservations for 2 rooms at the resort. Now they have called and said the board walk resort is being renovated and have to move me to another resort! They only moved one of my rooms.

I, like many of you have been coming for many years and their customer service seems to be going down hill while there prices are going up hill!

07b3f73a, 2014-10-03, 10:15AM CDT

Okay...it looks like there are a lot of things that need to be addressed about Disney's reservation centers. I worked at DRC for over 4 years and a total of 10 years with the company.

First off, they are constantly trying to hire new Cast Members for DRC to keep up with the volume of calls they receive every day. Disney has 2 large reservation centers as well as agents who work from home through a company named Arise. DRC receives thousands of calls every day. This influx of calls makes it necessary for Cast Members to work overtime. I'm not talking a couple of hours per week, I'm talking about 20+ hours of mandatory overtime each week just to try and keep up with calls. The call center has even extended their hours to an 11:00 pm close time. Most agents are knowledgable about all of the Disney products, but do realize that there is so much stuff going on in the parks every day as well as special events at different times of the year.

The long waits on the phone is caused not only by the influx of calls, but also by how long each call takes. Your question/reason for calling may only take a few minutes, but the caller before you may not be so quick (I've had calls last over an hour due to questions/issues they have). These are things that cause long wait times.

Point two. Booking dining ahead of time. Le Cellier (steakhouse in Canada) is the most popular restaurant on Disney property. Again we have to step back and look at the reasons why. Again, there are thousands of guests in the park that want to eat there and the restaurant can only hold so many people. The "turn over" time on tables are dictated by the guests. The average dining time is 45 minutes, however, when a guest leaves is at their descretion, not Disney's. Because of where the restaurant is situated, it isn't possible to expand the restaurant in size. As for adding the "steakhouse" to the name, this was done to clarify what type of restaurant it is for the thousands who have never been to Disney before. This restaurant has always been a steakhouse. All guests are encouraged to book their dining reservations in advance to all restaurants, with emphasis on this directed to restaurants like Cinderella's Castle, California Grill, and of course Le Cellier as the restaurants can only hold so many people at the same time (you can thank the county fire safety laws for that).

On to the next gripe. Yes, the automated system isn't the greatest, but there is a rhyme and reason to the questions it asks. To start, they ask if you speak English or Spanish. DRC has numerous agent who are fluent in Spanish as well as Portuguese. There are other agents who speak other agents, but because most other languages are not the majority, they handle it the best they can. DRC has several different departments who handle different types of calls. There's a department that handles new reservations, one that handles large groups, others who handle questions guests may have about their current reservations, and of course agents who book only dining. The questions the prompter asks is designed to get you to the right type of agent.

Now as for discounted packages/military discounts. First thing is that a guest has to ask for discounted rates. Agents aren't allowed to give a discounted rate unless one is requested. There are discounts on hotels and tickets every day, you just have to ask. This also applies to military discounts (do keep in mind that just like Florida residents, a military ID is required to get the discount (this is done at the park gates as well as at check in at the hotels). Shades of Green is a military only hotel that can be booked directly with the resort as well as discounted tickets that can be purchased on any military base. As for an income based system, there are too many dishonest people in the world that this simply wouldn't work. If they did this, the wait times for calls would triple as well as time at the park ticket windows verifying income. Disney does offer different types of discounts all through the year including the percentage off on hotel stays (usually 30%) to free dining packages.

As much as guests villify Disney, they tend to forget all the good Disney does not only for national charities for medical research and such, but they also give back to the local community. Disney donates massive amounts of food to the local food banks and raising funds for under privileged kids in Orlando through different agencies. Disney is the largest for profit single company employer in the state of Florida employing over 60,000 individuals for various jobs throughout the theme parks and resorts. Their benefits package offers low cost health/dental/vision insurance (for both full time AND part time employees), 401k, long and short term disability, and tuition reimbursement (Disney paid over $20,000 for me to get my degree in Graphic/Web design) If that wasn't enough, Disney offers unlimited free entry for Cast Members (and free entry for up to 3 other people 12 times a year, this goes to unlimited after working 15 years with the company) and hotel discounts. (40% for friends and family & 50% for Cast Members), discounts on food and merchandise (percentage depends on how long you've worked there) given at not only their theme parks around the world, but also at the Disney Store! There are numerous other discounts that local businesses offer as well just because you work for Disney (including discounts at other theme parks in the area)...the park/hotel/merchandise discounts are offered not only at the Orlando resort, but also in California, Paris, and Hong Kong! On top of all that, Disney has its own medical facility and pharmacy that's only available to Cast Members and their family. They also handle worker's compensation internally unless the injury requires a specialist. There are very few companies that offer a benefits package as comprehensive as Disney.

Disney theme parks have a maximum capacity due to fire safety (and other reasons including severe weather like hurricanes). To put everything into perspective, the Magic Kingdom has a maximum capacity of 65,000 guests...and that's just one park! During the holidays there are so many people that they often have to close down entrance to the parks because they are full! This being said, please remember that this volume of people have to book their reservations in advance...even dining. Before criticitizing the company and its Cast Members, step into their shoes for a bit and realize that the Cast Members are people too and aren't perfect.

The only reason I didn't stay with Disney is because of my health that forced me to move to a cooler climate. I loved my job, as do most Cast Members, and wouldn't change my decision to work for them for anything in the world. The internal opportunities for different positions is numerous so you'll never get bored with your job. If I had to do the last 14 years over again I'd still make the same decision to work for Disney. While working there isn't perfect (just like anywhere else), the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. Any time I felt disillusioned or frustrated with my job, I'd go spend the day "people watching" on Main Street USA to see the joy on every kids face when they see Cinderella's Castle...just this moment of joy reminds me of why Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth and that I get to help make the magic happen every day!

Just as a disclosure, I am a former Cast Member and I AM NOT speaking as an authorized Disney representative, only as someone who loved their job and believes in the core values and merits of this amazing company.

Faye S., 2014-10-29, 09:00AM CDT

Unable to book room at this time.No discounts.We've visited Disney many times in the past.It gets more difficult to afford with retirement.We love Disney with our children and grandkids.It' magical.Thanks

75d53cc3, 2014-11-12, 10:29PM CST

I'd like to thank the poster who went into such fabulous detail about Disney and why the DRC takes so long to get a call into,,,,

I'd like to thank them because I didn't have to type out the huge long response,,,,,s/he did it for me.

I love working for Disney,,,,the only thing I don't like is the mandatory overtime. But my husband has mandatory OT for his company too,,,,it happens, deal with it.

But I have to laugh hysterically at the poster who said disney should have "income based vacations",,,,,

seriously,,,,,they do. It's called "do you want a value property or a deluxe property?"

If you can't afford that,,,,,,do what everyone else does when they want something they can't afford,,,,,,save for it.

I've sold vacation packages over the years I've been in the travel industry to people who saved for 10 years to go somewhere. Once I sold a deluxe disney vacation to some people who saved cans for 10 years to go,,,,,,and they didn't go cheap either.

the complaining blows my mind. Geez. I can't afford to go on a European cruise on Crystal Cruise lines, but I'm certainly not asking Crystal to base their vacations on my income. Either I'll choose a less expensive vacation,,,,,,or I'll save for what I want.

44cd5d74, 2015-01-14, 09:49AM CST

I love disney , god bless walt for making dreams come true for ages 1 to 99. I've loved disney since my first visit at age 15 to now able to enjoy with my grandchildren. Shame on people who complain. Give disney a break. You try running this huge, huge co. I know, I work for the usps and hear the same complaints. This to is a huge , huge, corporation and given the size I think we do a dam good job. Hats off to disney.

422145f4, 2015-01-19, 10:16AM CST

Has anyone been able to get a table at Be Our Guest as a walkup.

58a568bd, 2015-05-02, 02:05PM CDT

This is not a complaint... It is a compliment for Kelly Sue, a supervisor in Guest Services. Over the past few days, she has worked tirelessly to help me resolve issues with my reservations for 11 people. I was so disappointed initially.. nothing was working. But in the end with her help I am back to feeling excited and happy about our upcoming trip to Disney.

Thanks so much Kelly Sue. You have been fabulous.

Penny G

cc1bf182, 2015-05-17, 05:15PM CDT

I have just tried to make a reservation at the Caribbean Beach resort with free dining on line and it showed it was available but doesn't show the cost so I called DRC and the woman was very helpful but said it was showing no more free dining at that resort even though I was looking right at.Guess what the delux resorts still had availability with free dining surprise ,surprise on that . If I could afford a delux resort that's where I would be .So needless to say this was not a magical experience .

26ef7399, 2015-08-12, 02:57PM CDT

Service vraiment exceptionnel. On r?pond ? toutes nos questions. On r?gle tous les probl?mes occasionn?s par nous. Bravo ? toute l'?quipe de Disney. C'est un service vraiment exceptionnel. Vraiment digne de mention.

07b3f73a, 2015-08-12, 03:54PM CDT

Because DRC takes hundreds of calls every HOUR, it may very well showed online as available, but when you called it was gone. You can't sit on the website and not refresh your screen. It wasn't the agent trying to "dupe" you (which btw, you can lose your job for lying about availability if a Guest requests a specific resort...I KNOW because I worked there for 4 years). The free dining packages at the less expensive resorts always go first, PLUS there are only so many rooms attached to that offer, not ALL of them. Before critizing someone who's trying to help you and you don't like the answer, think about times you've had to be the person on the not so positive side (and yes, we've ALL been there at some point in pur lives). The worst feeling in the world is having to tell a child that the toy/game they REALLY wanted was sold out everywhere and you got them something else. In their mind they're thinking that you are lying and just bought something else because it was cheaper. That doesn't feel very good, you tried to help, but your child isn't buying it and think you're horrible. That's how it is, EVERY DAY the reservation agents try to help, but there's always a few calls that just aren't possible for them to do. Despite the "magical" atmoshere, Cast Members are not genies or wizards, they can't just say magic words and twitch their nose to build a new room just for you.

07b3f73a, 2015-08-12, 03:55PM CDT

Sorry for multiple posts, system hiccup.

56a6d636, 2015-10-10, 05:12PM CDT

I just wanted to say that "Cybil" was extremely helpful in assistance me with 3 resort rooms reservations, as well as purchasing 5 annual passes. When I tried to do the survey when she was done, everything was in Spanish and I didn't understand. So I found out how to get the word out so that you all will know that she did an outstanding job. Had it not been for her, I probably would have cancel plans for Disney and gone elsewhere. Thanks Cybil!.... C. Mosley

f83a042a, 2015-10-22, 09:37PM CDT

We have been to Disney World four times in the past three years, always staying at one of the Deluxe Resorts on the property, 3 trips at Club Level, always for 8 days, 7 nights. Every trip seems to be more difficult to book meal reservations and Fast Passes to rides we want to experience. A reservation made in August for dinner at 7:15 on October 29th at Be Our Guest at is now impossible to resolve because we have tickets to the Not So Scary Halloween Party on Oct. 27th. I did not notice anything noting the special rules at that time. We are not allowed to enter the park without a ticket for the Not So Scary Halloween Party on Oct. 29th, and thus cannot use this very difficult to acquire reservation. I cannot believe there is no way around this problem. We have no desire to go to a party we just attended two days previously, but that's just too bad, no exceptions. I'm NOT HAPPY!!!!!! I thought Disney always tried to ensure a "magical day". Not anymore!

bde5e388, 2015-11-17, 05:42PM CST

We are Fl Residents and have been going to Disney world since it opened. We have always gone several times a yr. We have been a Fl Resident pass holder for several yrs also. This yr has been terrible to try to renew for next yr. As of today the gentleman helping me that was in the internet dept. even tried to get my passes renew for this yr but with no success. I have now tried 5 times in the past (2) Wks to renew online, which is the only way that Fl Residents can renew per Disney World, but everytime I have tried, I keep getting a message that the Walt Disney World Server is having maintence done, please try again later. This just sounds crazy to me. Is it likely that Disney doesn't want the Fl Residents to be able to renew from the past. I would hope not. Fl Residents contribute alot of income to Disney all yr and every yr, for them to have such problems. As I said we have been trying for (2) wks now to renew. This is just Terrible. We were planning a trip to Disney during Thanksgiving and needed to do our Fastpasses before hand but because we are not able to renew online, this has created a very big problem. How can you make plans when the main (SERVER)of a HUGE Corp. Doesn't work. It makes us think should we renew our Disney Passes or Purchase Annual Passes from Bucsh Gardens and Sea World. We have never had any problems with their passes and Enjoy what they have to offer. You would think that Disney would be far more advanced when it comes to server problems.

6710c138, 2016-01-13, 03:35PM CST

Compliments to Jeri for helping me make dinner reservations. Have not been since 2012 and wanted places that would interest a boy age range 10-13. She did that. My only complaint----six months out, I could not get any dinner reservation after after 3:30 or 3:55, I will keep calling hoping someone cancels....T Rex want 4:00 Mama Melrose+ Fastasmic--none had to take Brown Derby3:55 . Cape Coral Cafe wanted after 4:00 NON AVAILABLE. SHE (JERI) WAS SO NICE TO SUGGEST CALLING BACK FREQUENTLY WITH MY SPECIAL REQUEST S.

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