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Product: Firestone Tires

Company: Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Location: 535 Marriott Drive

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I bought a "01" 2500HD Silverado to replace the 1990 half ton Jimmy I used to pull my camper because we planned to upgrade to a fifth wheel. The truck is only driven in the summer months, has never seen snow, used almost only for pulling our camper, and had only 28,328 miles on the original factory installed tires (Firestone)which I always check the tire pressure before a trip. On 8/27/10 while pulling our camper we were going 65 mph when I started to feel a vibration from the rear of the truck, as I was slowing down the tread belt came off the tire. The tire did not deflate so I easily made it to the shoulder of the road. When I got the truck stopped I checked the damage to my truck and the other 3 tires, I found that the other tires showed tears that looked like they also were going to lose the tread belt. We drove to the first tire store we could find and had all the tires replaced. When we returned home I contacted Firestone and told them what had happened. The lady I talked to said there was nothing they would do about my problem until I told her that they were the factory installed tires, I was then given a case number and a phone number to call. I was sent paper work to fill out which I did and they also wanted the tire which I had to send at my own cost ($46.00). In the end I received a letter from Bridgestone/Firestone that they would not pay for damage to my truck or cover any of the cost for my replacement tires, as my tire "exhibits conclusive evidence of over deflection". I had to find out what this meant so a quick look on the internet found "Tire deflection (the tread and sidewall flexing where the tread comes into contact with the road)". I have never run my tires under inflated or overloaded them. It also said that Firestone tires at ten years old should be replaced. My tires were manufactured the 18th week of "2001", under their recommendation my tires had almost another year to go with plenty of tread left and only 28,328 miles on them. I really do expect them to pay for the replacement tires, the cost of shipping the bad tire, and at least the $500.00 deductable to get my truck repaired.

Since I had taken my truck to the body shop for repair they told me that they had 3 other customers the same week with the same problem. I do plan on trying to contact those people to see what they have done and see if as a group we can get some action and also to make sure they report there tire problem to NHTSA.GOV .

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15934790, 2012-06-09, 03:13PM CDT

I just recived an email from TB who had the same problem with only 18000 miles on his tires. To answere his question, --no Bridgestone would not take any responsabilty for there tires (what does that say when a company won't stand behind its products). One thing I had left out of my original post was that I had took my tire to the local Firestone store in town and asked the manager what he thought,his answere was that it was clearly tread seperation but he would not sign or give me anything that I could send with my tire for fear of loosing his job, he no longer works there so I thought it was ok to add this now. The only thing I can say is if you have this happen to you make sure you go to and fill out the form so something can maybe be done about this in the future.

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