Continental airlines - Dogs on airplanes

Posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 9:54am CDT by fc118014

Company: Continental airlines

Location: US

Category: Airlines

Just wanted to share my lovely flight experience with everyone. Since Continental feels like there is nothing wrong with sitting next to a dog barking (no, not yapping, full on barking) I thought I'd post this truly wonderful experience. Cliff notes...

Woman next to me had a dog under the seat. Didnt realize until we took off in which the dog didnt stop barking for 6 hours, non stop. No, this was not a dog for any type of disability, for that Id be sympathetic and wouldn't complain. When I called Continental to complain, it was like I was a bad person. I am not an animal hater. I have had and currently own pets. However, I wouldn't be so rude as to take my pet across the country on a plane without sedating. And, no, this is not the same as a crying baby (as I have a child as well. And, there was no where to move since EVERY FLIGHT is always booked solid or overbooked. So, would it be ok for me to play a movie without headphones on level 10. Or maybe blast music for every row to hear? Or, maybe every hour set my alarm to get up and scream? I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate to read, even with bose soundless headphones. I just was fuming for 6 hours. Continental, shame on you for allowing this to happen and doing nothing! I am a frequent flier, this is no way to treat your elite fliers.

Jeffrey A Smisek... you are the President and CEO of Continental. How about you sitting in coach on a coast to coast flight and listening to dog barking. Would that fly for you? Maybe then you would change your policies.


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