Charter Communications - Billed post Disconnection

Posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 5:01pm CDT by b987713f

Product: Charter Communications

Company: Charter Communications

Location: 941 Charter Commons St
Town and County, MO, US


Category: Other

Charter has failed to refund billed amount (482.08$) which was billed post disconnection. I was a Charter Communications customer for Cable TV + Internet from Sep 07 - Oct 08 in Monona, WI. I had called Charter to disconnect Cable 1st week of Oct 08 and also asked them to disconnect Internet end of the month of Oct 08 and I was verbally confirmed the request was under effect. I again called on 31 Oct 08 to confirm the disconnection and to ask about the equipment return center's address and hours. I was unable to return the equipment and had to leave the City and State as I was shifting to Chicago. I had not noticed until August 09 that I was charged by Charter until March 09 for varying amounts in the tune of 482.08$ post disconnection. I called Charter customer care number and got the rep Mike Cruz who looked at the account and advised me that a probable error in the billing might have happened and told me he'd put in a case of escalation. I should hear back about the refund in 6-8 weeks. I called 6 weeks later to reach another rep who said the request was still under way. In Oct 09 , I was advised by a different rep that the escalation had not happened and she would put in a fresh request again. I was stalled for 6-8 weeks again and told earlier in the year that I should return the equipment first to facilitate any of the refunds. I was also asked to submit my bank records to the same facility which depicted the over-payment post disconnection. I finally managed to go to Madison, WI back and returned the equipment in April 10. I faxed the copies of the bank statements to the facility in Madison, WI later the same week. There is no phone numnber to the facility and the Charter reps kept on saying they couldn't reach the Madison office themselves! I received a check for 99$ for the returned equipment in May. I again called the Charter call center about the over payments and all the reps kept on telling that since it was a new year (2010) they could not verify anything about the last year!! I tried 5-6 times to convince someone and also spoke to Managers who ended the call saying there was absolutely nothing they could do. I was completely helpless with no information on how to proceed. Finally I was able to search internet for similar cases and write about my experiences in a couple of sites where in I was contacted by the 'UMatter2Charter' team via email asking me for my info to start the case again. I exhanged emails with 3 guys George, Robert Little and WItten Henderson. The latter finally replied after a month or 2 saying he wasnt able top dig up the account and referred me to this 'Customer Care Advocacy Team' on theirs housed in Town and Country, MO. They tried to call me and weren't able to (?) and sent me a mail to my address saying so. It has been a couple of months I have been trying to advance the case in their books (the person assigned to my case is Kim). I have provided all the relevent documents upon their request (usually its a week or more of delay before they respond and usually never call me with any updates). I am utterly exhausted and frustrated with the quality of service I have been receiving from Charter; Its been more than 2 years since my disconnection with Charter and more than a year for me trying to get a refund from them


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