Virgin Mobile Canada - Virgin Mobile Won't Let Me Keep My Credit Balance

Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 3:21pm CDT by a4bb48b5

Product: cell phone service

Company: Virgin Mobile Canada

Location: CA


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Attached is a letter I just emailed to Virgin Mobile after getting off the phone with their Customer "Service" department:


I just got off the phone after a 45 minute phone call (mostly on hold) to your customer service department. For many years I have been on a $10/month plan, but was calling to remove this to save some money as I am currently on parental leave and my family is on a very tight budget.

My phone over the past couple of years is largely unused - for emergencies only - so the plan is not warranted and I would like to switch to a per minute plan.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered online that I have accrued a credit balance in excess of $100. I had an AutoTop up, but it was not to activate until a $10 threshold was reached (and top up with $20), so I was under the impression my credit balance would never exceed $30. If the top up is not to kick in until I get down to $10, how is it possible that I continued to be charged a top-up resulting in a $100+ credit balance?? Because there are no statements, I had no idea this was going on. I am very upset.

I was told the only way for my credit balance to not expire in two weeks is to remain on the $10 plan, which clearly doesn't make sense for me. Even if I use the phone for up to 5 minutes per month, that means it is costing me $2/minute or more.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, who only repeated everything the first agent said, and what is online about the costs of the plans. I did not ask for a refund (though that would certainly be preferable), but rather I requested that my credit remain on my account, without expiring, but I DO NOT WANT TO STAY ON A $10/MONTH PLAN.

I am EXTREMELY UPSET AND FRUSTRATED. I did not spend 45 minute on the phone to be told the same information I can read online, I called for some service. The supervisor I spoke with told me that "there is nobody higher than (her) that I can speak to about issues like (this)". I find it hard to believe that there is no manager in a Customer Service department, and even harder to believe that a company as large and profitable as Virgin does not care about the happiness of their customers.

Everyone in marketing knows the story of the '"good customer"... you know, the one who doesn't speak up, doesn't complain... just takes their business elsewhere (and shares that with their friends and the internet) when they are unsatisfied. I was trying to give Virgin the benefit of the doubt with my seemingly simple request. It is, after all, my money paid on my account. I fail to understand why my request is so contentious.

I anxiously await a reply.

I will update this forum if Virgin Mobile resolves this issue to my satisfaction.


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