Carmax - Carmax quality guarantee is meaningless

Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 12:21pm CDT by c265a0ae

Company: Carmax

Location: 13100 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX, US

Category: Other

During the first week the car (2008 Hyundai Accent sedan) we bought from Carmax developed a ticking noise. We were concerned and brought it back, because - according th Carmax's advertising - you can return it during that first week. The service manager told my husband it was the fly wheel on the AC compressor going bad, no big deal. So my husband unwisely chose to keep the vehicle and didn't demand that it be fixed immediately. I pointed out to him that it has a 30-day fix-it guarantee and we took it back in - sadly, too late to just tell the keep the car and give us back our money - they're now telling us it's fine, just cope with the increasing noise, and bring it back when the AC has failed - after the 30 days are up, of course, so they can charge us for it.


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