GE Money Bank / Lowe's Credit Card - WARNING: Inept Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 7:51pm CDT by 138aa0cc

Product: Customer Service outsourcing

Company: GE Money Bank / Lowe's Credit Card

Location: US

Category: Other

WARNING: If you have credit through GE Money Bank, do your best to close this account as soon as you can. They will find a way to mess up your account and make your life miserable!!! I apologize for how long this is but this has been over 9 months of horror.

GE Money Bank, led by Margaret Keane in the USA, has to be the worst case of bigger is NOT better. They handle revolving credit for several retail shops (Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Sams etc) as well as their own branded credit. This company out sources their collection operations to India and to a company called Allied Interstate. There are certain things that can be outsourced but customer service is NOT one of them. Apparently this company is so large that there are no clear lines of communication and no one take responsibility for their actions or cares. I have spoken to over 15 people at this organization and its affiliates and each time I either get transferred, disconnected, told to call another number or told that the issues has been resolved.

Over the past 9 months I have been harassed by this company and it affiliates for an issue they caused internally. I made my payment in full on a Lowe's credit card. However, I inadvertently made it to an old account number. Once I discovered this, after several messages from their India operations, I called and explained what happened, the rep transferred the payment to my active account and it was resolved...or so I thought. 15 days later, I get a call from the US customer service asking about the balance. I rehash the whole thing and they tell me it has been resolved. 30 days later, I receive a check in the mail for the amount I had paid!! 10 or so days later I receive another check for the interest that had accrued on my account! I could not understand what was going on. In May, I called the US operations again, rehashed the whole thing and was assured this time it was resolved. Today, October 20, 2010 began the 3rd round of calls from collections in India (called incessantly until I finally gave up and answered...this should be ILLEGAL!) After demanding to speak to someone who spoke English, they concluded they could not help me (as has happened 3 times before) and gave me another number to call. When I called that number I go customer service in the USA. After looking at my account they told me they could not help me and gave me yet another number to call. The third number is for Allied Interstate, quite possible the WORST customer service group around. They would not tell me where they were so I could file a better business complaint. When I gave the rep my info, he said, sorry we called, we have it documented to not call you. Please give us 24 hours to get it out of your system. Never did he try to resolve the issue!!! I called back to customer service in the US (Atlanta, GA) and spent 45 minutes as the supervisor reviewed my account. He was dumbfounded by what was going on but kept saying "we did this and we did that" and my response was "exactly, you did it now you fix it". This was the 3rd time I have been through it.

I did not choose to do business with this company. Lowe's sold their credit card portfolio to GE Money Bank, a company I will never do business with. GE Money Bank obviously put profits before customer satisfaction. They outsource many critical aspects of their business in order to cut costs, however the result is incompetent, unreliable results that in the end cause them more $ to resolve!! This is an example of a USA company that should be employing US citizens to do this work.

As it stands today, October 20, 2010, I have been assured (for the 3rd time - the first was on March 31, 2010, the second was on May 15th 2010) that the issue has been resolved. I will wait and see. In the mean time I will continue to write about my horrible experience with this behemoth of a company!


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