Pickles Pub - Pickles.

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 9:32pm CDT by 5dc81b60

Company: Pickles Pub

Location: 706 Philadelphia Ave.
Ocean City, MD, 21842, US

Category: Other

I used to like Pickles Pub until an hour ago. The "bouncers" at Pickles let me in and after I had found my seat decided to kick me out. They said my boyfriend was not allowed to have a knife in the pub. After we both complained about having to go home and get rid of the knife AFTER we were already let in, the bouncer got loud and proud. We had wristbands and agreed to go home and put the knife away but the brave bouncer decided to literally scream for us not to come back. I have been to Pickles many times but he said he didn't care and told the bartender not to serve us, even in the daytime. My boyfriend and I were sober, local, frequent customers of the pub yet we had never been on a Tuesday night. We live across the street and decided to go and have a good time. The bouncers were crowded outside like a mob when we went back and told us we would be refused service. We then decided to just walk away and buy beer from the side store and the same bouncer told us we couldn't buy beer. Really? Why? We were not causing a problem. The bouncer obviously wanted to be macho. It's a shame that such a favorite place was turned into a joke. Keep the horrible staff, keep the beer and the food. Funny thing is I was actually served bad crab dip last week and never complained. At the end of the day, the real problem is discrimination. One of the bouncers, who just happens to be of the opposite race as my boyfriend has a gigantic problem with him. So don't go to Pickles because they have rotten crab dip, repulsive bouncers, and discrimnate.


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