Cox - Outrageous Returned Payment Fee

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 10:52pm CDT by 67772122

Product: High speed internet

Company: Cox

Location: Cox Communications PO Box 9001089
Louisville, KY, 40290-1089, US


Category: Other

I am slapped with extreme return payment fees - 125% of the original bill!

My monthly internet bill is $40.99 and I am signed up for the automatic payment on my credit card. Last month, I lost my wallet and had to block my credit card. Unfortunately, the next day was the due date and the automatic payment failed.

Then, I got this bill with a returned payment fee of $50. This is 125% of my original monthly payment. If they saw the credit card had a problem, they could have sent email to me, just like Netflix did! I could fix my credit card information on Netflix thanks to their smart e-mail warning.


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