Posted on Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 11:10am CDT by 22a7ae51


Location: 2285 US HWY 22
UNION,, NJ, 07083, US


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I went to purchase a used car on Saturday 10/2/10. I was going to trade in my car which I still owed money on and put down $800.00. They gave me a 2008 Toyota, let me drive off the lot and was going to finalyze the paperwork. Needless to say, I received no call Monday to tell me of payments or anything. My car was at the Auto Shop and needed to be moved or storage fees would be incurred. I communicated this to Art the salesguy whom said don't worry about it. The financier Joe Messimer would handle it. Ok. I end up driving the entire week and no matter how many calls I put in, could get no information as to payments, when my car was going to be picked up from the auto mechanic and all that week storage fee's piling up which they said, don't worry about.

Much to my dismay and Planet Honda's poor communication skills and customer satisfaction they wanted the car back and could not offer me the assistance I needed. You let me incur these charges and seeing that my situation was a difficult one, it would have been in order to just tell me, it can't be done. We need more money. Whatever. Anything other than give me the run around. My situation remained the same. They did not cover the storage fee's nor did they refund me my $800.00. I was afraid it would come to this from my dealing with their lack of business professionalism. Car returned on 10/11/10, and I was told that i was to wait for a call 2 to 3 days and I'd could come pick up my money. No call. I go back to them on 10/16/10 and inquire. Jaime, Art's boss says there's nothing he can do on a Saturday so give me a call on Monday and I will check into it. I said I called you during the week and left a voice message and you never returned my call. His response, I don't check my messages. Then why would you have me call you? Blatant disregard for the consumer. This whole fiasco has held me up from going to someone else for help because they treated me as if I was insignificant. Jaime prided himself on Planet Honda's reputation and was a poor example of it. Sure they may have won the President's award, but I would never send anyone to this establishment. Poor performance. If you can't do it, just say it. Why hurt and beat a person already struggling in these trying economic times with more whiplash. I am not an irate customer. What I am, is a customer saddened in deep retrospect that a simple deal that fell through is still not resolved due to a lack of concern for customers. 10/2/10 - Present 10/18/10 the issue is unresolved! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!


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