LeanSpa - LeanSpa RIPOFF!

Posted on Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 1:33pm CDT by 40334bd3

Product: Acai Berry

Company: LeanSpa

Location: 181 Marsh Hill Road
Orange, CT, 06477, US

URL: http://www.leanspa.com/

Category: Other

I ordered a 14-day "free" trial of LeanSpa-The PROPER Weight Loss System. I read and re-read the fine print in their 'terms and conditions' so I could cancel before my credit card was charged for any additional shipments. I called after using the product for only 8 days to cancel. Even though I followed THEIR instructions to the letter, my credit card was STILL charged for a month's worth of their crappy product. When I called to complain, they said "their system must have had a glitch" and therefore my order was never "officially" cancelled. Even though they had a record of my call, they said it my order was still active. They finally agreed to refund me $45.00, but STILL weaseled $35.00 out of me and informed me I was only allowed this "exception to their no-refund" rule because the fault was THEIRS! NEVER make the mistake of dealing with these blood-sucking parasites! They will FIND a way to swindle you out of your money even if you follow THEIR rules! Besides that, their product is crap and DOES NOT WORK!


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ba9582ac, 2010-11-10, 10:47AM CST

11/10/10 I agree with the above. I also ordered a "special"...my credit card was charged $1.99. Since this was touted by a news celebrity, I decided to try it for the 2 weeks. Only the fine print tells you that the 2 weeks starts from your telephone order and NOT from the date of delivery. Therefore you have about 5 days to test the product?!@#? Ridiculous! I cancelled within 2 weeks of receipt and was charged $79.99 for one bottle of these pills....which did toss off 5 lbs. of "water weight", but buying 180 of these type of pills at your local health food store, I'm sure wouldn't cost you $81.98!!!! per bottle. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR COMPLAINT!!!

6db4038b, 2011-02-08, 02:31PM CST

Same thing happened to me. I tried calling every day and night the day after I ordered the free trial for (4.99) and unable to reach anyone. Only generic responses to my emails and now they charged me 79.99! BIG SCAM

9d2a167d, 2011-03-11, 12:52PM CST

Please stop sending me anymore of your product,I AM SENDING BACK this order,I don't like it ,it dosen't work for me so,you can return any money that you have taken out of my bank account.

4113e62e, 2011-03-21, 02:09AM CDT

I ordered the 14 day free trial of LeanSpa. After receiving it I started the next day got physically sick after only 2 pills. So called and canceled the next day since I was still under 14 days. After canceling I checked my bank acct and they charged me $79.99! I called after 30 minutes talked to somebody was told it was only a hold and it would not clear. It cleared 2 days later putting my account in the minus! I called that day after waiting 45 minutes somebody answered and then hung up as soon as they answered. I was furious!!! Called again the next day after an hour finally got a hold of somebody. They apologized and said they would refund my money with in 5 to 7 business days. I asked about my overdraft fee they said they would not refund my money on that. I did finally get the $79.99 back but they have really bad customer service! Would not recommend this product! The 14 day free trial starts from the day you place the order so you need to decide quickly if you want this product or not.

ddd19c04, 2011-03-22, 12:06PM CDT

Well, I placed an order on 2/16/11. I ended up canceling on 2/28 because it was giving me headaches. I returned the unused portion along with the RMA & a delivery confirmation on 3/7. Yesterday they charged me another $79.99 for a product that I don't have. When I spoke with customer service he states that my subscription was never canceled. He then told me that it had been canceled at this moment. When I checked my email this morning, it shows a cancellation & another order confirmation. I am now out $239.97 for a product that I do not have. I have contacted BBB. This is ridiculous!!!! The website says easy cancel & 30 day money back guarantee!!

It's all just a lie.

a43ca7e1, 2011-04-20, 09:50PM CDT

I ordered products on March 24th, received confirmation on March 25th.

Lean Spa products arrived on April 1st, I read and re-read as you did the return policy and noted my calendar to cancel on April 6th so that My credit card would not be charged.. I noticed on April 4th which is 4 days after product arrived and 10 days after ordered that they CHARGED ME full price for both. I called and they actually said "Ooops that shouldn't have happened" but we can't stop it..

You can cancel your order and return and we will send you a refund.. It has now been 14days and still they say EVERYDAY that I call that "Well it says you were refunded" I will have to forward a note to corporate and they will call you... NOT..

I am out $159.98. No phone calls and no refunds to date.. I will try again tomorrow..

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