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This is a copy of a letter I sent to every Verizon Wireless Corporate email

address I could find on the web:

This is recent activity that I have had with Verizon Wireless Customer


On 8/28/10, I went to a Verizon store in Poughkeepsie, NY and spoke with the

Verizon salesperson there explaining that I used my phone as a modem to

connect my netbook and, although I was happy with the service, I only used

it while away on vacation or business. He suggested that, if I purchased

the USB modem at $50, not only would I receive a $50 rebate, but my bill

would go down because I wouldn't have to pay the broadband connection that I

was currently paying for and the price for the USB modem access would be

less and I would actually decrease my bill. In these economic times,

reducing my bill is just the thing I was looking for.

I was there at the time replacing my daughter's phone and purchasing the

Droid X for myself. I spent over $450 while there. I agree that I should

have read the contract more thoroughly, but was a bit distracted with the

Droid X package that I was selecting and the replacement of my daughter's

defective phone.

I received the USB modem sometime in the beginning of September.

Unfortunately, on September 4th, I had a motorcycle accident and suffered

multiple cuts and bruises, as well as a broken ankle. I had surgery on that

ankle on September 8th and was released on September 9th. At home, since I

was not allowed to put any weight on my ankle, I had to stay on the couch.

I know I received the USB modem sometime during that period but don't really

remember a definite date, due to the pain I was in and the medication I was

taking. I do know that I wasn't using the computer for at least 2-3 weeks

after the accident. After using it for a while, I got a message that I was

going to go over my allotment. Not really sure why, I increased to the next

plan. Again, I was taking both Percocet and Vicodin for my pain and was not

really thinking clearly. The first time I was able to look at bills was on

9/22 and I wasn't sure why the bill was so high, but paid $250 until I was

able to look into this further.

On 10/10, I was able to review the bills that I received and found that the

USB modem was initially costing me $39.99 per month for 250 MB of data. I

had only been paying $15 per month for Broadband, using my phone as a modem,

for 5G of data. When I updated my plan to 5G, it is now costing me $59.99

per month.

10/11/10 Called Verizon and complained. The CSR that I spoke with told me

that I should have read the contract since I signed it (I am not disputing

that). She said that if I cancelled my plan now, I would be liable for the

$175 early termination fee. I do not feel that this is acceptable. This is

not what I had told the Verizon salesperson that I wanted. Why would I want

to pay more for a plan that gave me less than I already had? I was

receiving 5G for $15/month (and had been for almost 2 years). He put me on

a plan that would only give me 250 MG for $39.99/month. Now I have to pay

$59.99/month to get the same thing I had before? I feel that I was given

incorrect information by the Verizon representative at the Poughkeepsie

store and that I was given this information just so he could make a sale.

I called very close to 30 days from the time I received the modem. The

reason I had not done so before this was due to the accident. I offered to

submit the accident report, hospitalization papers, doctors notes, etc. She

said she couldn't waive the fee. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was

told that her Supervisor was not yet in, but she would have her call when

she got in, about 12 noon. I still have not received a phone call.

10/12/10 I called Verizon again. The CSR I spoke with told me basically the

same thing as the one yesterday. I explained that I had asked for a

Supervisor to speak with and no one had called. She said that there weren't

a lot of Supervisors to speak with, but that she would make sure one called

me. I still have not received a phone call. However, prior to speaking

with this CSR, I answered "Yes" to a request to answer a survey regarding

the phone call to Customer Service. About an hour later, I received an

automated call, asking me to rate my experience with Verizon Wireless

Customer Service. I gave poor marks in the hope that this would spur

someone to notice and call me.

7:26PM Received call from Danielle at Verizon Wireless (813-290-6001). I

thought she was the Supervisor calling back and told her the whole story. I

discovered that she was calling because of my responses to the phone survey

today. She is going to talk to her Supervisor and definitely get back to me

tomorrow. I have still have not received the promised call from a Customer

Service Supervisor.

10/14/10 12:30PM Received phone message from Danielle at Verizon Wireless

telling me that she had spoken with her Supervisor and that I would not be

eligible to have the early termination fee waived. I called her right back

and left her a message, asking her to call back. I called again at 3:50PM

and left another message, asking her to call me back. I have not received a

call back from her. In addition, I STILL have not received a phone call

back from a Customer Service Supervisor from the first time I asked to speak

with one on October 11th.

I am so upset and disappointed with Verizon Wireless and I have been a

customer of Verizon for many, many years now and have spent a lot of money

with Verizon. I am now being told that, if I cancel the Mobile Broadband, I

will be charged an early termination fee. I do not feel that is justified.

I was lied to by your representative and was unable to terminate the plan

during the 30 day period due to the motorcycle accident. I actually think

that, when I called on October 11th, it had to be very close to the day that

I would have received the USB modem.

I am ready to cancel all of the phones that I have with Verizon (5) and to

let my friends, family members and business colleagues be aware of the poor

customer service and deceptive sales practices that occurs with Verizon

Wireless. As a business professional, I continually strive to ensure that

all of my staff be aware of the customer service that they are give and the

perception they give about the Student Accounts Office at the college that

we work for.

I thought that it would be in your best interests to make you aware of the

bad will that this may cost Verizon.




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