Bananas Diner - Waiting for Nothing!!!

Posted on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 at 3:18pm CDT by f2f60ed8

Product: Lunch

Company: Bananas Diner

Location: 924 n. mills avenue
Orlando, FL, 32803, US


Category: Other

Well, after reading the "other" reviews - i think i am ready for "a butt ripping" that someone will send my way. on Saturday, my day off- I wanted to go and eat Lunch- went on-line and looked up Bananas and made a reservation. Arrived on time -10 minutes early - and was promply seated past the walk-in's - which i was thankful for. Ordered the basic lunch, bowl of the soup'dour and the mango ice tea. After watching other patrons come, served and go -and watching out the window -patrons of the next door food EST come and go. I waited until our server finally came back. Basically, i am a quite and easy going person- I know business's have good days and bad. BUT COME ON NOW- Be Real! It took 30 minutes for our soup to arrive - and after an hour -the simple meal was no where in sight. I watched serveral people come and go, even saw the Manager come in - grab a bite from the kitchen and sit a table just beyond me and enjoy her meal. It looked good- (Fish, i think.) So, my review would be this: I love food and enjoy giving my money to gay friendly establishments. But you have to give me "the food" -so i can tell people how wonderful it is. I want you to know - I left you busniess and went directly to Mediterranean Blue on the corner of E.Michigan St/ Oseola and ordered my food - took out my iphone and set the timer -just to see if I was the impatient one. It took 7:17 seconds from start to my table- and they were busier, Freindly, kind and i will be back. Please NO hate mail - save it for your bussiness partners. Oh, and by the way - I do not think I will be trying out "Funky Monkey" either, this first experience of Bananas will be with me for a while - and I will tell my firends about it - I know how valuable my gay $$$ are worth - and who appreciates them.


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