ComCast - Comcast Exists in the StoneAge

Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010 at 8:38pm CDT by bc418cf0

Product: Comcast Cable

Company: ComCast

Location: US


Category: Other

I went to Comcast's physical office in Hixson TN 2 days ago and agreed to pay $100 yesterday and the remaining balance on the 23rd. They agreed and called another Comcast office and told me it was all set. Then, 30 minutes ago, they cut my service. I called their customer service number and they routed me to the payment department, who says they can't help and that they can CONTACT THEIR OWN CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT!! Also, they CANT SEE PAYMENTS FROM THEIR OWN LOCAL OFFICES. If they can't contact themselves, what chance do I have? It would be a joke, but it's so sad. I'm on hold with their new sales department since that's the only number I can access another Comcast person and I've been on hold for 11:18 secs...for a new potential customer. I'm dropping them tomorrow. OF COURSE THEIR Sales person put me on hold without warning and routed me to Customer Service, who will automatically route me to the Payment Office again. So Im calling again.


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