fantastic finish car wash - bad car wash

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 10:28pm CDT by 23df519b

Company: fantastic finish car wash

Location: 2790 hwy 76
chatsworth, ga, 30705, US

Category: Other

I took my truck to the new car wash in town,thinking,oh maybe i can save some money instead of driving all the way to dalton.First i pay for my car wash,then i pull in put my truck in neutral,let off the brakes,and remove my hands from the sttering wheel. the machine begins to pull me through the wash,as soon as the front end of my truck gets in it slipps off the track.we got it back on track i go on through assuming my truck is getting washed the way pals in dalton does the job. i then pull out to the vaccums and when i step out of the truck first i realize there are still things on the side of my truck that were there before i went through. so i continue to look the truck over,and found that there were multiple places on my truck that had soap on them,two of them being the top of the cab,and in the bed. so i pull to the front of the place to speak with the manager,not being rude. i continued on to tell the woman in charge that there was so on my vehicle and the wash did not clean my truck to the extent that it should have.

i told her my truck bed had soap in it,then she made the remark that "truck bbeds these days are made to hold water not let it out" keep in mind this wasn't just a little soap my truck bed was half full. the woman which is the owner continued to be rude as she was even before she knew my problem.


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