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Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 9:48pm CDT by 38923f80

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Company: Point ONE Commercial Real Estate

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I have used Charter for years, no problems, until yesterday. I use Charter's email, with Outlook. No problems until yesterday. No email would go out, came back with a Charter 550 error. Call tech support, first call gets dropped after 45 minutes. Second call insists it is an out Outlook problem, which means the Charter message coming back must not be their problem. Tech support has not clue....

Third call, during the call messages magically start going out. Email is fine, until this morning when it won't send messages again. Get tech support, and again, they drop the call. Too complex. I try to read them the FAQ on Charter's site identifying the problem, no luck. They tell me it is an Outlook problem. Ugh!!!

Finally, a supervisor tells me that if I don't put any hyperlinks in my email it might work. It did. So now I can send email, but without hyperlinks. Great, just great. What kind of an email service does not allow links, and identifies the outgoing messages as spam if they include them. A bad service will do that.

Time to look at another solution....???


5a3ed6c7, 2010-10-28, 01:31PM CDT

I too was a happy Charter Customer for 20 years - have everything phone, internet cable and email thru Charter.

The new email format lost me a $500 account which is a lot of money for a small business person.

There are so many hings wrong with the new email format - it would take a long time to outline.

I just spend 30 minutes on the phone wit a charter complaint person and they are getting swamped with complaints especially from business owners.

It is not user friendly - it deleted many important messages - its sent back many message because the new system has a smaller memory allowed for each account.

That cost me a $525 account and made me look like an idiot.

I have never been so angry at Charter and I have been a happy customer on all other fronts.

If any of the Charter bosses see this - please return to the classic version of email - and fire the bonehead who made the decision to implement the new awful email layout.

I was told we are stuck with this new format. Why? Who decided this was a better format (fire that person).

c263db2f, 2011-01-29, 12:33AM CST

Charter email is another fine example of Charter communications terrible, incompetent service. Their new email format is even worse. It drops out on you, it is difficult to navigate, it loses your emails, etc. Whatever you do, do not use Charter email. Get Yahoo, or Gmail. They are free and superior in every way to Charter's amateur email service. Also, do yourself a favor. If you can subscribe to a different Internet provider, DO IT!!! I will switch over the minute any other Hi-Speed provider comes to my area.

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