New England Retail Express - New England Retail Express is a liar and a cheat

Posted on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 1:59pm CDT by ce42dde7

Product: washing machine delivery

Company: New England Retail Express

Location: 624 Elmwood Park Blvd
Harahan, LA, 70123, US

Category: Other

New England Retail Express, a subcontractor of Sears, delivered a washer to my home on Aug. 22. It was not installed properly and resulted in a leak that damaged my downstairs neighbor's ceiling and lighting. The delivery team first failed to show me how to use the machine, was told to return, then started the machine, but left before the cycle finished, and was told to return again when my neighbors discovered the water. The company has lied to Sears, which subsequently lied to the BBB, about: 1. NERE's efforts to contact me. Virginia Stephens of NERE, whom I spoke to on the phone (on or about Sept. 2 at 877-771-2224) told me she had sent a technician to my home the previous day and that I was not there. She claimed he called first, but he did not (my cell phone is with me at all times, and I got no call or message). Virginia Stephens then said she would have him call me "right away" and he never did. NERE also claimed I never returned the technician's calls (lie) and that I was never home when I said I would be (lie). Why would I have pursued reparations if I did not intend to return calls or be available when I said I was? 2. what it's delivery team did and told me while in my home. The team did not find that water was "coming out of the drain pipe at the bottom of (my) wall" because the drain is not at the bottom of my wall, it is in the wall ABOVE the washer. The fact is, the team had not clamped (or properly clamped) the hose to the WASHER drain. The team also did not tell me to call a plumber, and I did not tell the team I was "going to have (my) landlord look at the drain pipe." I am the owner of the condo and I have no landlord. The Harahan office of New England Retail Express is responsible for these damages, but through its lies has refused to repair them, which resulted in Sears third party administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, denying my claim, and requiring my neighbors to get TWO damage estimates at their expense.


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