Lori Ward Realy - Lori Ward Realty Harassment, Threats and Strongarm Tactics

Posted on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 7:36pm CDT by 6c4de4e9

Company: Lori Ward Realy

Location: 18383 Preston Rd. Ste 150 Dallas, TX 75252
dallas, tx, 75252, US

URL: http://loriward.yourkwagent.com/

Category: Other

Realtor Lori Ward of the Dallas Area is about as professional as a rabid badger.

She decided she wants to show a house we live in previous to her legal ability to do so; and upon hearing how she was not allowed, she became irate and began yelling and questioning my military credentials.

After being informed not to call again, she came out to the home on a Sunday night at 9pm and began kicking the door until she was informed the police were en route; to which she screamed something unintelligible, and fled the scene in her black Mercedes.

She is a mentally unstable woman whose erratic and unprofessional behavior make her a liability and a threat.


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0562d1ee, 2010-10-20, 02:39PM CDT

Landlords have rights too...

I'm so glad, William Garland, that the owner was with me Sunday 10/17 at 6:30pm when we knocked and rang the bell. Therefore, I have a witness, we could not enter the home you were supposed to vacate 10/15. We were perplexed why things were still in the home, when you told us you were moving 10/14-10/15.

You never answered the door, but obviously you were home to know that someone was there. What is your excuse for not answering the door?

I know from experience that when tenants don't pay rent, they don't want to face anyone.

Your entire complaint is invalid and untrue - no police, no threatening conversations, no screaming...that's not my style. If you read the lease, (I even told you which page), legally the house can be shown the last 30 days. You gave us permission to show with a 24hr notice, we have given you that notice, yet you decline all showings.

I didn't question your military credentials then, but I do now. The military doesn't teach untruthfulness. If you're going to stay, you need to pay!! It's that simple...read the lease!

e9a2c2da, 2010-10-23, 03:49PM CDT

I am his neighbor who this woman came and interrogated. She had a very disturbing air about her and tried very hard to make him out to be a bad guy when I have never once gotten anything from him but help and kind words.

Ms Ward is a disturbed individual with a seemingly personal problem against the family in that home and is as unprofessional as she is unstable. I filmed her banging on the tenant's door and happily gave a statement to the police.

I am deeply sorry that this family had to endure Ms Ward's harassment and I hope when they move that it ceases and she will learn that she cannot bully people she views as weaker for reasons of race, creed or gender.

e9a2c2da, 2010-10-23, 04:09PM CDT

I have also witnessed Lori Ward becoming hostile and even coming to interrogate me, a neighbor who had never met this lady before.

Jason's wife, the neighbors on the other side also said she came banging on her door to question them and try to slander the tenants she wanted to force out.

A video was posted on youtube of her antics and my heart goes out the the Marine she is harassing and his family.

Shame on you Lori Ward, you are a liar and a bully and I am glad I could see it first hand before I went through any nightmare in dealing with you for our home.

0562d1ee, 2010-10-24, 09:09AM CDT

What is your problem Mr Garland? Your ridiculous actions and lies toward me are simply from me trying to do my job within the legal rights. We are just trying to show the home, very peacefully, with an appointment! It's as simple as that! I haven't done anything to you, your family, your neigbhors. You have a wild imagination! The home you reside in, promised to vacate, and have not paid for, needs to be shown to prospective tenants. Now you are claiming that your neighbors are involved...more lies. NO video, no police, just lies. Do your neighbors know you are claiming to be them? YOU ARE THE DISTURBED ONE!

e9a2c2da, 2010-10-25, 01:45AM CDT

this crazy woman is trying to say i'm not me, and that that poor familys neighbors arent involved?


a still taken from a video show you, some old lady you made sit in that hot car, and your witness who you made snide remarks about that family in front of. you are as crazy as you are stupid and do not come back to my property or i will have you criminally trespassed.

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