Seattle Boat Company - Seattle Boat Fraud

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010 at 4:05pm CDT by c94b5771

Product: Cobalt Boat Repair

Company: Seattle Boat Company

Location: 659 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA, 98105, US


Category: Other

I have a cobalt boat that was under contract with a potential buyer that was contingent the boat passing an inspection. The buyer chose Seattle Boat to perform the inspection. Seattle boat informed the potential buyer that the boat needed over $4,000 worth of work to the outdrive as water got in and the u joint was full of rust. Based on this information, the buyer wanted for me to pay this repair to close the sale. I did not trust the information I was being given from Seattle boat and asked them to not do any work and put the drive back in. The sale was then stopped. I took the boat to my regular mechanic (Boat Tech) to have it inspected. My mechanic pulled the drive and said there were no signs of any damage and is in near new condition. It is apparent that Seattle Boat used this opportunity to sell a repair job and at a premium price. This false repair job sell cost me the sale of my boat as well as an unnecessary bill of $508 to pull the drive an repair some faulty work that the buyer had paid for Seattle Boat to perform to the trailer. In addition the trailers left fender was damaged which I believe was caused in their yard.

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488a3e39, 2010-10-15, 03:06PM CDT

Seattle Boat Co considers these allegations very seriously. Annually, Seattle Boat Co services thousands of individual boats at four locations, controls nearly 1 million vessel movements and launches, sells hundreds of new and used boats and delivers hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel to boaters all around the northwest. It is imperative to have processes and procedures in place for this type of organization. In fact, Seattle Boat Co has been ranked as a TOP 3 boat dealer nationally for three years running by Boating Industry Magazine.

Seattle Boat management promptly reviewed the concerns at issue in this complaint. Records were reviewed and interviews were conducted with each of the following: Service Manager, Service Writer, Technician and actual customer (separate from the complainant party) along with immediate response by phone to the complainant.

In this case, the customer was the probable buyer of the vessel and was performing his due diligence prior to purchase. The seller (the complainant) had represented to the buyer that all services had been completed each year. This was important to the buyer for transfer of warranty. When the seller was unable to provide documentation of past services, the buyer requested further inspection and estimate for manufacturer required services. Upon removal of the outdrive, water was found setting in the bellows. The customer (the probable buyer) was informed and promptly visited the dealership, met with the technician and service manager and physically inspected the parts. The buyer made the determination and request that these repairs and routine maintenance procedures be completed at the seller's expense. The buyer extended his offer for purchase (over $65,000) subject to this agreement. Upon failure to meet agreement with the seller, the buyer instructed Seattle Boat to complete the annual service to the outdrive at his expense and returned the boat to the seller.

Although we are sympathetic to the concerns of the complainant we are absolutely certain that there was no conspiracy or activity subject to fraud in this matter.

With kind regards,

Alan Bohling, President

Seattle Boat Co.

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