AAA Foreign Auto Parts - Product not shipped on agreed upon date

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010 at 6:59pm CDT by 54fe1e78

Product: !998 - 2002 Honda Passport Transmission

Company: AAA Foreign Auto Parts

Location: 8981 San Fernando Rd Sun Valley, CA 91352
Sun Valley, CA, 91352, US


Category: Other

This complaint in in regard to an automobile transmission purchased on 10/6/2010 with an agreed upon shipping date of Thursday 10/07/2010. Folowing is the email sent to customer service.....Hello Carlo. I am very disappointed that the transmission I purchased was not sent out on Thursday so it could arrive on Monday as we discussed. After speaking to who I assume was you on the telephone at 7:30 AM PST on Wednesday morning 10/06/10 I was assured that the transmission would be sent out the next day. I realize that on your end this might be nothing more than one more sale and one day might not matter but to someone in my situation it is an inconvenience for more than just me. After I spoke to you I assured the shop that it would arrive on Monday so they removed the old transmission in anticipation. Now they will have one of their two bays tied up all day on Monday with a vehicle that they can't work on and as a result will not be able to work on others vehicles in that bay for the entire day. The inconvenience also extends to my family as i have had to borrow a vehicle for personal use with the assurance that it would be returned by Wednesday of next week as the owner must have it by then. When I receive an email from you of such a casual nature with the feeling that oh by the way we didn't get it out today but we will tomorrow , it shows that there is a lack of concern and an empathy. You start the ball rolling with your promise and then I make arrangements which can't be changed based on that promise. There was not even as much as an apology or an explanation in the email. Your actions or lack of action greatly affect others in ways you do not realize.

Sincerely, Alan Crowder


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