Signature Room - Horrible Service!

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010 at 3:39am CDT by 0ff337c4

Company: Signature Room

Location: Chicago, Il, US

Category: Other

We had a HORRIBLE service by the woman who was taking care of the elevator cue. That ruined our WHOLE night out and we decided to go home early.

We actually complained about the incident to the manager, and we were able to talk to that woman. However, we were shocked at her stubborn and rude manner. She said she's sorry, but also included that she'd done nothing wrong. One of my friends was so angry about her attitude, we had to take him out and wrap up our conversation. However, I DO want to point out the situation; this is not the case whether we can just ignore.

She said she'd done nothing wrong, so here's my perspective and full story of the incident:

My friends and I went to the elevator and saw the long line. We proceeded to stand in that line as well. Few minutes later, we were finally on the first of the line. While we were waiting for the elevator, few more came from the other side and she asked them if they had a reservation. Those who had reservation stand in the separate line right next to us. We did have a reservation; however, since we were the first ones in line, we thought it wouldn't be an issue. Plus, she told us that we would be on the elevator which will come shortly. When the elevator arrived, those who were in the separate line went into the elevator, and I also tried to get in. However, she stopped me and said "I'm sorry, but those who have reservation will go up first."

She didn't ask us if we had a reservation. She just asked us where we were going. Thinking that she must have missed us, I said that "Oh, we have a reservation". However, she stopped us again and said that she had to check our reservation name.

1) This is the first thing that she did wrong: While we were waiting for the elevator, she NEVER checked the other customer's name for the reservation. We were the ONLY one. Why would she do that? Why different for us? So, we gave our first and last name and she checked the reservation sheet. And of course, our name was on there.

2) Second thought - In this case, she could have said that "I'm sorry I must have mistaken you." Or something like that.

After that, the elevator arrived, and my friend and I were able to get in. When I get into the elevator, she looked straight into my eye and said "Do you wanna go by YOURSELF?" 3) This was her THIRD fault. I never felt so intimidated by the hostess of such restaurant. Moreover, she said "yourself" not "yourselves". If she meant that if I want to go up in the elevator with my friends only, she could have phrased it another way; "I'm sorry for the wait, would you like to be in the elevator with your friends only?" This was not the case of asking my preference. I teach in the university and I know how to read people's intent and their look in the eye. Me and my friends were so disrespected by her.

We let the manager know about the situation. While we were eating, we said that maybe she was in a bad mood or something. We decided to let it go and enjoy our time. 4) And then, the FOURTH incident came. The lady, who should be downstairs or at the front desk, actually was wandering around the hallway. She actually walked right beside and stared at me. That really made our whole group upset. The manager provided us the free dessert, but that was from the manager not from her. Because of her rude manner, we actually wanted her personal apologize and not free dessert or any other physical things.

So when we finished up our dinner, we went up to the counter, giving the money back for the dessert and asked for her apologize. 5) Her attitude was very DISAPPOINTING. No, I rather say I was SHOCKED. She said she's sorry, but she'd done nothing wrong. What kind of apology is that? So what is she sorry for?

We decided to leave the restaurant before we get REALLY upset with her rude manners.

So, here is the full story. I cannot believe that the fancy and high level restaurant such as Signature Room had actually hired the person with disrespect for the customers! I never felt so mortified in the restaurant, especially in this kind of place.


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