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Posted on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 1:27am CDT by 5e505569

Product: Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare

Company: Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Location: Hilton Grand Vacations Development Company Hilton Grand Vacations Club 6355 Metro West Blvd. suite 180
Orlando, Fl, 32835, US

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We signed-up with the Hilton Grand Vacations Club nearly seven weeks ago -- and once the paperwork was signed, it was like HGVC suddenly could care less about living-up to it's end of the deal.

It has been 46 days since we became Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners at Parc Soleil in Orlando, and we still have not been granted access to the HGVC owners web site to start using the timeshare that we purchased. Unlike most owners, we paid nearly 50% upfront -- yet we are still not allowed to look for timeshare availability because Hilton has not created our account yet. It has been 46 days!! Also, we are not allowed to speak with a human via the Hilton elite member 800 reservations line because Hilton has not created the account yet. The elite line is for members with accounts only. We ARE members with an account. Hilton is just dragging it's feet in activating it.

We are locked into a contract for over $70,000.00 with HGVC, and we can not book a thing ourselves... even though we were entitled to do so 46 days ago. We can not even speak to a human Customer Service Representative to have them make our reservations for us. All we can do is call and leave a voicemail with our saleswoman -- who can access the owner's online booking system and will tell us a day or two later if there is availability. This makes it impossible for us to plan into the future. It makes the whole HGVC agreement appear to be a sham. It makes us mad to think that it takes a company like Hilton nearly seven weeks to set-up an online account to grant new owners access to the timeshare system.

We are avid travelers, so the Hilton Grand Vacations Club seemed like a good match for us. But as the days continue to tick by -- and we still can't make our timeshare reservations -- the whole timeshare idea has lost it's appeal. All we get from HGVC are excuses and delays and a bunch of baloney as to why it is taking so long for HGVC to set-up our account. "We're swamped." "We're so busy selling these timeshares that there is a backlog in setting up the accounts." "It never takes more than 30 days to set-up an account." Hilton's latest line of baloney is that it is suddenly missing a signed form -- which we had never heard of until today.

The HGVC sales people were quick to print-out all the necessary forms with the push of one button -- and even notarized them on the spot. The sales team then promptly overnighted a copy to our home a few days later for more signatures. The company moved at lightning speed with the legal paperwork to secure our money (and presumably the sales commissions) -- and lock us into the contract. But once the paperwork was returned to Hilton Grand Vacations Club, it was like we just waved goodbye to our hard earned money and said hello to a long line of excuses.

The HGVC sales team has given us the song and dance (over and over) as to why it is taking so long for us to be entitled to use what is rightfully ours. But they keep changing the tune. I realize timeshares are a number crunching game: while the Hilton Grand Vacations Club is building capacity, it is in it's best interest to have continual cash flow (timeshare sales) while maintaining enough capacity for those who bought in years ago (preventing new owners from booking). One mechanism to make the numbers game work could be to sign-up new owners and then create delay after delay so they are not allowed to start booking reservations for weeks. In our case seven weeks. And then blame it all on an aggressive sales team and an overwhelmed IT team.

I don't care who you blame it on. The bottom line is that we still can not access the timeshare we paid for nearly seven weeks ago.

There is no excuse for that.


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4e518910, 2011-01-15, 03:54AM CST

We, too, purchased an Elite membership with Hilton Grand Vacations Club. Signed papers 8/30/2010 and paid $73K in full, in cash. It took HGVC over a month to finally get papers to us for signatures to record. Then another 3 weeks until we could get registered to go online and make plans.

Then in late December, 2010, we received a bill for the entire 2010 year's fees, as well as the new fees for 2011. I distinctly remember the salesman answering my question if the $73K covered all costs/expenses for the year and he said "yes." He said that the $73K "covered everything."

Once HGVC finally set us up with an online account (in mid-October, 2010) we've been able to view and make plans/reservations. But then suddenly in the first week of January our account was blocked.

We truly do not believe that we must pay an additional $1,500 for 2010. We actually used points in late October, 2010, so we obviously were "current" then. Now our account is on "hold" and we aren't even able to view anything online to make plans for this year ... because our account is delinquent.

Now I've been making phone calls/emails to salesman, the sales office, and the HGVC headquarters. One person advises me that I must inquire of someone else because "I don't have the records." I'm getting the runaround and being told that HGVC doesn't bill new members for the year's fees for 4-6 weeks after they pay/join. None of this makes any sense to me.

There's no reason on this God's green earth that we would have paid $73,000 thinking we would still have to pay an additional $1,500 to be entitled to use the year's membership immediately. We received no notification about these fees until over 3.5 months after we purchased our membership.

Has anyone else faced this problem?

To say that I'm annoyed, irritated, angry, frustrated, and feeling like we've been lied to is true. Trying to deal with these people via the telephone, where one person passes the problem onto another, and then they say that they can't help ... well, I don't like getting the runaround.

Does anyone have any ideas or comments to share?

655ebc43, 2011-05-29, 11:28AM CDT

My wife and I also attended a sales presentation at the Parc Soleil property on 5/5/11. We didn't buy into this property, but did buy a so-called "VIP" Membership worth 7,000 points that we could use at selected properties over the next year or so at a cost of $1,795. We were assigned our number within 21 days. On the 22nd day we attempted to make a reservation for a 2BR oceanview suite for a 7 night stay at the Lagoon Tower in Oahu. Immediately Hilton tried to talk us into the Grand Wakikian Tower. We kept insisting on the Lagoon Tower. They indicated there was no availability for the week we desired so we expanded our parameters to anytime during the month of February, 2012, then further to the month of January, 2012. Still no availability. I got on the Hilton website myself as if I intended to book the reservation on my own and found that there was availability for the exact time frame we wanted at a room rate of $569 per night. I called HGVC back and the response was that the marketing department is only allocated a certain block of rooms in a given property and their allocation of rooms for that time frame must already be booked. There was no mention of this sort of internal allocation policy by the Hilton people at Parc Soliel, and there is nothing in the agreement I signed about this sort of arbitrary nonsense. We are disputing the $295 payment charged to our credit card and have closed down that account to block future monthly charges. They will never get a dime out of us and over the next 20+ years of travel we have left in us we will never again stay at a Hilton property.

ac2f1297, 2011-11-28, 12:31AM CST

Purchased 8400 points mid Nov of 2010 and also received 12, 400 bonus points. Was told everything would be in place by first of year, and everything was, including on line reservation system. Used some of bonus points in Feb 2011 to extend a business stay in a cat 7 Hilton hotel. Had a great time. Used online system to reserve a week at a Hilton resort in Nov 11. Had a great time. Bought 6000 more yearly points at this stay and received 14, 000 bonus points. The new property we bought into should close Jan 2012 and we are eager to use some of the Elite perks we now have.

The online system did have a few glitches when I tried to reserve 2 suites in Breckenridge for July 2012, and I had to reserve by phone. At my request, Hilton waived phone in fees and charged the lesser on line fees.

Absolutely no problems here.

831ca2dd, 2012-02-14, 01:09PM CST

I know exactly how you feel. We bought our timeshare in Hawaii in 2005 and have had so much trouble using it. We have 9600 pts and paid $40,000. We asked alot of questions before we decided to purchase it but they really know how to pressure you. We had asked if we could accumilate the points for quite a few years before using them and they said yes, well that is not true. I have been able to purchase all inclusive vacations cheaper at the same resorts that we have access to on RCI. I have been trying to sell but all they will get for me is $ 17,000 and I would have to pay the title fees plus a fee of $399 and pay my 2012 maintenance fees. I really do not know how to get out of this I am really thinking about just taking my loss, I have looked for help and can't seem to find any.

ac2f1297, 2012-09-08, 10:17PM CDT

It has always been "Buyer Beware" and purchasing a timeshare is no different. There is the upfront cost--substantial in the case of purchasing from HGVC; there is the yearly maintenance fees. If you take possession of points in a given year, you pay the maintenance fee. These facts are all over the web and if you buy, then you are responsible for doing due diligence to understand what you are getting yourself into.

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