US Postal Service - Post Office lost my textbook package

Posted on Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 10:49am CDT by 7f777acb

Company: US Postal Service

Location: Columbus OH 43212
Columbus, OH, 43212, US

Category: Other

I have ordered a textbook from B&N. A tracking number was provided. After almost 10 days, I checked on the website and realised that it was delivered the week before on Friday 9/24. I lived in an apartment with small mail boxes, I have never seen a large package at the vicinity of the mail boxes or at my front door. There was never a notice requesting me to collect an item from the post office. I contacted the post office on Wednesday 9/29. An unnamed supervisor said will investigate and will call me back in two days. I took the initiative to call on Friday 10/1, and find out that there is no answer to my complaint. Now a supposedly different supervisor by the name Jerry 43212 who refused to give out her full name despite I have identified myself with a full name (her reason being that she does not give out full name to stranger and it is her common practice) refer me to 1800-275-8777 to lodge my complaint.

The bottom line is that it is a large textbook sent with a tracking number, and the post office website stated that it was delivered to Columbus OH 43212! Do they not leave a notice requesting the recipient to come to collect the item themself when that cannot be delivered into a small mail box. It is not delivered to me. I have never seen a package lying around my front door.

How can the US Postal Service wash their hands off this as service performed satisfactorily and reliably, for an item with a tracking number?

I just want them to take responsibility and replace my textbook.

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fb4e396e, 2011-01-16, 02:11PM CST

Maybe one of your neighbors stole it. When I lived in a apt with little mailboxes the mailman would just leave packages by the mailboxes. UPS/FedEx left a note but the actual USPS would just leave the package. People stole packages all the time.

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