TheatreGuy Online - Legacy OSP WTH..????

Posted on Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 12:06pm CDT by 2ffc9de4

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My cell phone ran out of juice so I stopped at a convient store to call a friend and let him know I'm on my way....I didn't want to go in and get saw I could use my debit so I is OCT 1 and found out that they charged me $1.00 for the call...which not happy about ..but hey....someone has to make a living....but then they also charged me $20.76 for what I don't know......OMG...what do I do to fight this......that's ridiculous....and also I just left a message..and it was a local call....Anyone got any ideas...??? me!

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bcb74e41, 2010-10-21, 11:13AM CDT

I too have been ripped off by Legacy OSP. Upon looking at my bank statement, I finally realized what these charges could be. I received 2 collect calls for $18.26 apiece. One call was for 2 minutes. The other for approximately 45 seconds. They should not be allowed to continually take advantage of the consumer. I was never told what the charge would be, even when I asked. It was important so I gave my credit card # thinking they would then respond to my question.


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