1.99 Dry Clean - Bridesmaids Dress Ruined

Posted on Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 2:24pm CDT by b1a75913

Product: Cleaning

Company: 1.99 Dry Clean

Location: 13342 Minnieville Road
Woodbridge, VA, 22192, US

Category: Other

The company was supposed to steam a brand new never worn full length dress. Instead they washed the dress and by the looks of it when I tried to pick it up on 9/30, it looked as if they had put it in a washing machine, as it was crumpled and wrinkled beyond recognition. They said they had to wet it again (I never asked for it to be cleaned or wet) in order to get stains out....stains that weren't in the dress when I brought it in. The dress was in perfect condition when I took it in. Now it has small dots on it and thousands of tiny wrinkle lines that will never come out. Oversteaming, overwashing and over ironing has also caused the dress to begin separating at the seams so that the seams are now visible.

I brought the dress in on a Monday, tried to pick it up on Wednesday only to find stains on it. Why are there stains on the dress when they were just supposed to steam it?! Not clean it! They said they'd try to get the stains out. Came back Thursday they said it wasn't done because they had to WET IT AGAIN to get the stains out! AGAIN?! Why was it wet in the first place? The guy brought the dress to me to show me it wasn't done. The dress looked like it had been put the washing machine. It was so crumpbled and crushed it was ridiculous. And it was almost sopping wet.

The manager was never there when all this was going on. He claims he doesn't see anything wrong with the dress and refuses to compensate me for the dress. I have a receipt that shows I paid $223 for this now ruined dress.


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