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Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 8:13am CST by Anonymous

Product: Insurance travel

Company: access america

Location: Access America P.O. Box 71533 Richmond, VA 23286-4684


Category: Other

I purchased the Access America travel insurance through Northwest Airlines for a trip to Poland. When my host in Poland, who was to provide lodging, transportation, and interpretation services, became seriously ill I had to postpone my trip. I filed my claim and it was denied for lack of documentation.

When I forwarded the forms they requested, signed by the two physicians in Poland, my claim was again denied. The reason given was my claim did not fall in their "stated perils" provisions.

I quoted the exact provisions of their policy which stated that my claim was a "listed peril." The policy states, "Family or friends cant accommodate you as planned: Family or friends outside the United States can't accommodate you as planned because someone in the household has died or been diagnosed with a serious with a serious illness."

My host in Poland was diagnosed with complications from viral meningitis and was restricted from any activity for two months. Access America is refusing to pay in spite of the plain language of their own policy. I am pursuing legal means against the company.


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