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Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 8:07am CST by f5d8ddb6

Product: Insurance travel

Company: access america

Location: Access America P.O. Box 71533 Richmond, VA 23286-4684


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It have been always suggested that I purchase travel insurance and I have used Travel Insurance for the last twenty years. I have not ever exercised or used the insurance purchased and all my trips went well.

My Money was gladly taken.

Recently I purchased a Plan from Access America Travel for a Vacation trip I planned.

Well This Time I became very Sick and had to cancel Vacation. I saw a doctor immediately and was urged not to travel.

So - I called Access America Travel and planned to utilize my purchased Insurance.

It has been ALMOST 4 MONTHS and I have not been paid as of yet.

I get letters spaced out a month apart asking me for various Documents.

I also get repeated calls requesting the same and have always followed up with specialist asking if there is anything else I can supply. NO ALL LOOKS GREAT !!! The Specialist replies.

I always have the documents and Fax them immediately.

Documents are lost or not received by Access America Travel. (So I am told).

Then After I send again and confirm that they have received document they requested. I am then told it may be two weeks before my claim document can be reviewed.

Each time the Specialist tells me all is in order and they dont require any more.

Well today another letter (is it a check? not a request for more information)

I am now asked for proof of Deposit on my bank statement in U. S dollars. They also Indicated that the notice is the second request. (NOT) First one for me.

This is the First time they asked for the Deposit, Last time that set me back a month they wanted to know how much U. S dollars was refunded when I cancelled the trip. In which I provided a bank Statement. Again I asked the operator can I provide anything else? NO ALL LOOKS IN ORDER!!!! The Specialist replies.

Two months ago when they asked me to provide a physicians statement in which I had already faxed the specialist slipped at the end of our phone conversation (I asked is their anything else?) and she said Oh yes we would like a bank statement of refund.


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