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Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 5:09am CST by Anonymous

Product: Insurance travel

Company: access america

Location: P.O. Box 71533 Richmond, VA 23286-4684


Category: Other

I purchased travel interruption insurance from Access America because my husband is chronically ill and I knew there was a chance he would not be able to travel. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened and when I tried to get my money refunded, it became apparent this company is deceptive, fraudulent and nothing more than a bunch of scammers.

They never told me they would not cover a pre-existing medical condition. In fact, their website leads you to believe that is what their product is for. When I filed the claim, they still never told me it was going to be denied. Instead, I had to fill out numerous pages, have the doctor fill out 2 pages and then send it in. I checked numerous times on the status and all I could get was "it's pending" or "it's in review." They finally sent me a letter saying they want another physician statement from a different doctor! It was just another stall tactic because they clearly had no intention of paying and they have carefully trained their staff to avoid giving out the information consumers need. They told me that since he had been to the doctor less than 120 days prior to travel, they won't cover the condition. I tried explaining that chronically ill people generally go to the doctor at least every 30 days. And... since when aren't chronically ill people supposed to travel?? Who needs a break more than them?? Clearly they are discriminating against sick people.... or are using that as another excuse not to pay. Do not buy Access America Travel Insurance - it's a waste of your money!


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