Barclay Bank - Poor Customer Treatment

Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 12:07pm CST by 472a8b73

Product: Juniper Mastercard

Company: Barclay Bank

Location: General Correspondence Card Services PO Box 8801 Wilmington, DE 19899-8801
Wilmington, DE, 19899, US


Category: Other

I opened up a Juniper Mastercard three years ago. I started with a $1700 limit. I used the card frequently, paid all payments early, anf then paid it off. Shortly after I was also given other credit cards via my bank and other credit card companies.Same with them, I used them, paid them early, and paid them off. In fact, because of my excellent credit history, they all gave me limit increases even though I didn't need them. JUNIPER, however, kept lowering my credit limit. The first time it was cut in half. I complained but was told that it was decreased because I had other credit cards and would go back up if I continued doing what I was doing. I then started using the Juniper card again to keep activity on it and ran it to about 80% of the limit then paid it off a couple months later. Juniper then again lowered it to $500. I called them and asked why and they stated because I had a lot of credit cards. I explained to them I also make ALOT more money now than when I first opened this card. I have alos recently paid off a few cards. The representative with Juniper/Barclay stated that he could see my credit report and that it was good and that I have NEVER had any late payments or defaults. I told him to either increase it back to what it was or cancel my card. He immediately said "OK, please tear up any cards you may have". I couldn't believe it, in today's economy, with so many people defaulting on their accounts, they were more than willing to get rid of the "perfect" customer. Unbelieveable. I couldn't imagine Chase or HSBC doing this to me. Geez. Talk about a poor business decision. Punishing a customer for making payments on time and for paying off their card repeatedly?


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