Custom Muffler & Brakes - Terrible

Posted on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at 5:15pm CST by dd3f82d1

Product: Automotive repair

Company: Custom Muffler & Brakes

Location: 5406 Chippewa
Saint louis, mo, 63109, US


Category: Other

Paid for complete exhaust system. Used part of old system. Damaged new parts. Made noise afterward. Wanted to charge more to correct the problem.

I took my Jeep there on 10/18/10 to get a complete exhaust system from the header back. I had work done at a previous shop and they did a terrible job so I thought I'd try Custom Muffler as I had heard good things about them. I was given a fair price and dropped the car off Monday morning. When I picked it up it had a high pitched whistle, almost like an old VW Beetle, coming from the front of the vehicle. I couldn't take it back that week as I was busy the entire week but I did drop by the next day and took the manager for a ride so he could listen to it. He confirmed the noise and told me to bring it back when I had time. While I had the vehicle I crawled under it to see if I could find anything obvious that might be causing the noise. At that time I noticed that they actually re-used a section of the previous exhaust right off the header, which is not what I paid them to do. They were supposed to replace everything. I took the Jeep back the following Monday and left it with them all day. Around 4pm they called and said that they couldn't find anything wrong and that it must be one of the parts that I had purchased on my own, a flex pipe, and had them put on during the exhaust build. They also told me that they'd give me a whopping $20 off if I wanted to have them replace the flex pipe with one of their far superior flex pipes. It was going to cost me an additional $109 to replace a 6" section of pipe when it only cost $180 to build the entire exhaust before, except for the part they re-used of course. I passed on the "deal" because the part I bought came from the exact same warehouse they buy their exhaust parts from and it only cost me $10.00. And I've used the same brand flex pipe on several cars in the past with no issues.

In my search to find out where this annoying noise was coming from I decided to remove the O2 sensor to see if it could be causing the problem. Maybe the exhaust was moving across it at a weird angle and creating the noise. What did I find when I did this? They cross threaded the brand new O2 sensor I had them install so when I took it out it pulled all the threads out of the bung and couldn't be re-installed. So now I can't even drive the Jeep until I can fix the work they did. A complete waste of money and time with this shop.


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