Sanitarium Hospital - Kidnapped by Sanitarium Hospital in the Philippines

Posted on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at 6:08pm CST by 179e6b22

Product: Emergency Surgery

Company: Sanitarium Hospital

Location: Taculing Rd , Bago City, Philippines
Bacolod, Ne, 6301, PH

Category: Other

My Brother was involved in a motorcycle accident and was taken to Sanitaruim Hospital in Bacolod, Philippines unconscious. Immediately it was asked if the family had money. A CT scan was needed but was unable to be given until it was paid for. Money was located and paid so the CT Scan was finally performed. It was then learned that he needed emergency surgery but the hospital and family argued over money for almost 8 hours while he was bleeding in his brain slowly killing him. After the hospital was told that they would get their money the surgery was finally done. When it came to his being discharged the Hospital and Physicians demanded their monies. When the Hospital and Physicians learned that the money was not immediately available the patient Charmar Bantiling was phjysically kidnapped and not allowed to leave the Hospital until the money is paid. Apparently there is no such thing as a Hippocratic Oath in the Philippines. Its called money first or you will surely die. Its appalling that this type of Medical treatment could happen in the world. I can care less that its a Third World Country or not, LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT then MONEY. Even in the short time that medical treatment was not given he has suffered some irreparable brain damage and will have to go through extensive Physical and emotional therapy caused by the delay in treatment. Will all of us continue to stand by and allow any Hospital or Physican treat a fellow HUMAN BEING this way in any Country?


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