Walt Disney World - Disney Photo Pass -- Don't!

Posted on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 12:07am CDT by 5f53fd68

Product: Disney Photo Pass

Company: Walt Disney World

Location: Orlando, FL, US

URL: http://www.disneyphotopass.com/

Category: Other

Dear Walt:

I know you're not with us anymore, but if by any chance you happen to return to your parks, do yourself a favor and pass up the Disney Photo Pass miss-expirience.

We where at our vacation with our son and little girl, whom you know well since we have visited WDW many times.

As normal, we took many pictures, many parks, that Photo Pass thing that your imagineers devised seemed to be fantastic.

Then I went online only to notice that some of the pictures where missing. I know your guys have a questionaire for that purpose but since they where only two or three photos missing I simply let it go.

Then I edited the photos --so far so good-- and introduced my previosly bought cd purchase key bought for USD 150 (Whew!)

Put all the info, and pressed purchase.

Then the magi mystery tour in hell began... the CD never arrived. Tried to call your guys, but since you lo longer llok out for them (i) the're allways busy (ii) only work up until one in the afternoon and (iii) after three international calls lasting more that 15 minutes each and some complaints that I'm sure you heard, I simply gave up.

Sent them an email: no answer.

Called them and left them my message, numbers etc.: nope! no answer.

Sent them some more email: no answer.

Tried to download the photos: no sireeee... no bandwidth for you...!

I paid the overpriced USD 150 because I thought that my children deserved everything as you always said. Of course, since my photos have 'expired' and now I don't know if I will get my vacation photos.

Do yourself a favor and when offered the PhotoID pass, turn it down saying that it's not a quality product that a person like yourself would ever buy and definitely not for that amount of money. Your can freeze a guy forever on that price, not alone some family photos...

Next time you come down to us, I suggest you bring your own camera. At least the photgraphers are very kind as if you had trained them and will take the same good pictures with your camera at no further cost or headaches for you.

Hope you're allright whereever you are and I'm sure we will meet some day again.


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