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Posted on Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 10:04pm CDT by 9ec909c2

Product: Photos and Photo Products

Company: Snapfish Photo

Location: 29 TWIN BROOK
CT, 06484, US


Category: Internet Services

If you dont believe this story, do a Google for Snapfish scams and see what you get. BEWARE of Snapfish, the HP owned online Photo company

I registered with Snapfish Photo with a lure of 20 free prints. That was in December 2009.

They then charged my card $14.95 for the next ten months.

Qhen I got new Mastercard bills, I was familiar with the name and it did not ring an unfamiliar bell in my mind. Then I was in and out of hospitals for various illnesses and didn't have much time for scrutinizing bills.

Evuntually, I saw Snapfish on my Mastercard bill and a small charge and didn't think much of it. Finally I realized the charge was fraudulent. I phoned the Snapfish number and got a man with a foreign accent I could hardly understand. He said I joined a discount club for $14.95 a month.

I said, Ridiculous! I never used any membership. I did not know about any membership

Finally they said they would cancel my membership and refund one month.

I continued complaining.

They said they would refund 2 months.

I could not get them to refund 10 months so I said I would call Bank Of America, the issuer of my credit card.

I notified Bank America. They said You had 60 days to dispute the charge and you didnt . We can do nothing now.

I accepted that.

Then I went to the internet and saw there were Snapfish scams listed all over it.

I called Bank America back and asked, How could you give my money to a known scam business?

He said We did not know they were a scam

I said, How could you NOT know? News of their scams is all over the internet. I found out about them easily. You are a fraud dept. That is your business to know who is fraudulent.

I pointed out,You must have gotten thousands of complaints about them . Couldnt you put two and two together and see they were a fraud?

He said most of their business was not fraudulent. He said that Snapfish does deliver services and is not fraudulent most of the time.

He said he could see my point but they were not in the business to tell me who to shop with.

I said, Please - Be on my side and when you see that I am dealing with a fraudulent company, inform me! I dont have time to research companies - You do!

I am escalated this up the ladder and wrote a letter to the CEO of B of A in hopes that B of A will do something about dealing with this company. The could easily have a database that identifies clusters of frauds and the companies that perpetrate them. The B of A can brag that they are watching your back, making sure you are dealing with honest companies.

In the mean time avoid Snapfish!

By the way the plot thickens (or sickens) Snapfish is owned by HP. HP (Yes the computer company) bought Snapfish in 2005.

I found many stories just like mine on the web


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