TransUnion - TransUnion Sends Our Personal Information To The Third World

Posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 4:50pm CDT by df1d128a

Product: Credit services

Company: TransUnion

Location: PO Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022
Chester, PA, 19022, US


Category: Other

I have attempted to correct inaccurate information with this company for some time. Not only can they not get simple facts correct (primarily because they feed off of other databases that are corrupt), but the have my personal, financial and other information sitting on computers in the third world (India).

That's right, all of our personal data is readily available to anyone at their

"FRONT OPERATION" in India. This actually contributes to indentity theft.


b3ad97b5, 2010-11-08, 09:12AM CST

You are incorrect. They do not have the information sitting on computers in India. They have the information sitting in the U.S. and they access the info from India. It is never stored there. I have seen the operation myself. Very high security levels.

3088fae0, 2010-11-08, 09:16AM CST

Your statement is not correct. TransUnion does not have any of your personal data sitting on computers in India. The data sits in the US and is accessed from India through a secure line. I have seen the security personally and it is of the highest quality.

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