Dish Network - Dish Network tried to steal $385.16 from me

Posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 11:26am CDT by 30b23911

Product: Satellite TV

Company: Dish Network

Location: US

Category: Other

Waited all afternoon for a tech to show up to install new service. Finally, about 1/2 hour before the end of the installation time window, I called Dish Network to ask why no tech had showed.

The rep asked if someone had called me earlier as they already knew at Dish Network there would be no installation that day. Seems some tech idiot entered a customer's phone # into my account at the time of installation at that customer's residence. That mistake told the "COMPUTER" that my installation was completed and my account active. Keep in mind no one had even showed up yet at my house.

They scheduled a new installation for 3 days later. Then came the horror show. After the installation was scheduled I spent one hour and forty-five minutes on the phone (and was disconnected once in the middle) talking to a total of 6 different service reps as the morons tried to figure out how to cancel the first account and refund me my monthly bill of $24.99 and prevent an early cancellation fee of $360.17.

That's all they had to do! How simple can it be. You either cancel the first account and give me a refund and don't bill me an early cancellation fee or you keep that first account and simply reschedule the install date.

But nooooo. Turns out a week later, even after being repeatedly assured that I would not be charged $385.16, no credit showed on my credit card statement.

Called them a couple of days later and told them to fix the problem and call me back when they did as I was not about to stay on the phone while they did their job to fix a problem they caused. There where a ton of notes in my account file that explained what had happened, they did not need me to tell them again.

But noooo. Seems that the children that work there are not allowed to make outbound calls. Can't be trusted I guess. Still I figured they would at least give me my money back.

One week later, still no credit. Used their online email system this time to demand a credit. That was 5 days ago and not only do I not have the credit yet I got no response indicating they even got the email!

Bottom line. Dish Network has an internal computer system that is biased towards overcharging the customer and customer service reps that are completely clueless. If I had not checked my credit card statement carefully, Dish Network would have stolen $385.16.

I'm not waiting for them to fix the problem, instead I disputed the transactions today with my credit card company. Can't wait to see if Dish Network tries to argue they are valid.


008a25c3, 2010-12-28, 10:34AM CST

Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I just wanted to follow up with you regarding this issue. Had a technician come out to your home for this installation? If not, we can definitely go ahead and waive any cancellation fee that was enforced and issue you a refund. If a technician did come to your home, please email me your account number so I can review this issue further. My email address is [email protected]

a9b849d6, 2011-01-02, 06:54PM CST

If you would like us to review what occurred with your situation please let me know. Mark H DISH Network

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