Charter Communications - Charter Communications and their employees

Posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 10:33pm CDT by 6d4ddb62

Company: Charter Communications

Location: US

Category: Other

My girlfriend and I both work for Charter. Her sister had also worked there for a time. Her sister never had an account under her name though. When she left the company somebody changed the name on my girlfriend's account without any sort of verification (which is against multiple policies as well as against industry regulation). As a result, her services were disconnected. They were only put into soft disconnect, so anybody could cancel the order with 2 mouse clicks. She brought this to a supervisor and manager's attention and both of them refused to correct it without having her sister take care of it. The account was never supposed to be changed over to her in the first place and nobody ever bothered verifying anything yet they wouldn't just change the account back. This could have been anybody with the same last name and they would've just canceled it with no thought. They told her to go to the local office to straighten it out. She works two jobs and half the time doesn't even know where her sister is living.

I know some of you probably have horrible experiences with the company as customers but they treat their employees like the same sort of livestock as they treat most of their customers. Please know that next time you're talking to an agent who really can't do what you need them to, it's not their fault. It's a piss-poor failure of any sort of management.


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