UPS Co. - Very rude and doesn't give a damn

Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 1:02pm CST by f368f286

Product: Delivery

Company: UPS Co.

Location: Shreveport, LA, 71104, US

Category: Other

Lately, I've been having problems with the UPS delivery. But today, I just about had it.

At about 11:35 AM, a UPS package delivery guy knocked on the door and did not give me time enough to open the door and so he knocked next door-this place is dark and nothing but boxes inside which you can see through large glass windows-commom sense dictates...

As I was attempting to explain to him that I've been having problems with UPS and showing him my big store sign name with phone nos. taped on the door, he went into this defensive mode with an ATTITUDE! He insisted that he was just going by the suite no. when in fact my store sign and phone no. is right in front of him to confirm my address. With this I don't care attitude on the part of this UPS guy, I was still talking and explaining to avoid confusions next time, he walked away laughing and laughed harder when I told him I am going to file a complaint for his rudeness and not wanting to listen.

Apparently, UPS employees like him are not bothered by their attitude and actions because they don't get reprimanded/disciplined, perhaps?


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