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Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 11:12am CST by c5880c03

Product: cell phone service

Company: Straight talk

Location: US

Category: Other

It has been several months now since I have tried to resolved the issue with Straight talk. I purchased a new cellphone and within the first few days the back fell off. (It was a Samsung 451) Finally lost the back called and first told they "can do nothing", after going back to Walmart, told to return it for a new one. Instead of the same phone, received a well-used cheap model, and when called, informed they could do it. Went back to Walmart and the Manager called after seeing the cheap one I had received, and Sept. 23 told if I would return it, the monies would be returned. It is now Nov. 11, and still no refund. They initially stated they didn't receive it until I proved with name and number, then the "found it". I"V ALSO CALLED WALMART Headquarters who say they can do nothing. Each time I call, they say they are "working on it"; each time I call back, they are working on it. Today when I called told they received the phone, but they have no idea what to send me in refund; next they said they had sent the check Oct. 14, SOMETHING THEY NEVER SAID BEFORE. In my opinion Straight Take is a scam; Walmart is just as bad in not trying to resolve this case!


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