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Posted on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 11:56am CDT by 558b511e

Company: public domain genealogy

Location: TEVNET LLC 320 7th Ave STE 178
Brooklyn, NY, 11215, US


Category: Other

There is nothing free about this site. It is simply an excuse to sell names and personal info to other business. I could NOT register for this domain. After giving out phone numbers (they insisted that I give out my cell phone number before I could go beyond the initial stage of registering) side-stepping at least five offers for free ring tones, register for a singles site, etc., I was forced, and I mean FORCED, to select one option from which I would receive offers, THEN when I finally gave in on that one, I was lead down the garden path where I would have been forced to select 2 MORE businesses to become intimately involved with. I give up. I gave up.


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