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Posted on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 10:11pm CDT by 884afb8a


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I've used GP since 2006 without any issues. In the super-saturated market of offset printing, I've been a loyal customer for the small amount of printing I've needed.

I ordered a brochure on Oct. 16 and paid for two-day air. With their latest turnaround time (which was an extra four days because of the paper I used), I had enough time to process the order and include in important promotional materials by my deadline.

The shipment was due to arrive on Thursday, Oct. 28. I checked my UPS tracking that morning and noticed the packaged had been "successfully intercepted" and "returned to sender" via 3-day UPS ground. When I called GP, they insisted I must have had the wrong address (which we confirmed was not the case). My complaint was handled without apology and a lot of "wow, that's so weird. huh. I wonder why that happened."

I was told UPS made the mistake. I was told I could file for at least a partial refund even if they could deliver by Wednesday, November 3. This was already past my delivery deadline for the promo materials. I had to call to get an extension on my biggest opportunity of the year. I looked like an idiot to my client. GP said they could do nothing else and to call back on Tuesday.

When I called on Tuesday, I was told I would not get any refund or compensation if the brochures were delivered. Again, no apology. I asked if they realized they had put me in a terrible spot with my client his response was that it wasn't their fault, it was UPS' fault. I was told I might be able to appeal for a reduction of the cost of the brochures by emailing Quality Control. I did so.

Today, after 24 hours and no response from Quality Control, I rec'd the package of brochures. They were unfolded. UNFOLDED and I'm already past my delivery date for promo materials.

Called again and was routed to a QC supervisor who told me I could return the materials for a refund. He told me I would not get any reduction in the price of the brochures (now entirely obsolete) if I chose to keep them. I calmly stated that the company's lack of good customer service was going to lose them a loyal client and he repeated that there was nothing he could do. No apology. Nothing but coldness and utter disregard for the nightmare of the situation.

I've since packaged every ounce of material I've ever ordered from this company and will return. I will have to print digitally in small batches for now--more expensive but worth not having to use their goods.


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