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Posted on Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 1:43am CST by 63fb4e1c

Product: credit report

Company: Experian

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I am having trouble reaching a live human being at Experian.

I recently applied for a Mortgage Refi and was told by the Company doing

the Refi that Experian would not give them my credit report. They were told there was a freeze on the report. The other two credit bureaus gave out their reports without any problem. I went to the Experian website; entered my information and received a message that there was no "freeze" on my reports.

I then tried to inquire further but was told I needed a report number

(which I do not have). I then tried repeatedly to contact a live person

regarding this matter but ended up being hung up on by their Automated System. So I tried purchasing a report for $1.00 on their website but when I entered all my information, it told me it could not give me a report !!!!!!!!!!!

I have outstanding credit and have never had any trouble like this before. In fact, I refinanced about 18 months ago and there was no problem then.

I finally got through to another Experian Number and spoke to a woman who said there was a problem with my data ???? She would not elaborate further but gave me the automated system number to call again. And once again I could not reach a live person.

I mailed a certified letter to Allen, Texas about a week ago requesting my report and also providing them with my IDs as they request. I have heard nothing back. In fact, I have not even received the signed return receipt from the Post Office.

Can anyone help me with this? I am really anxious and upset! Thanks.


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