RebirthRO - RebirthRO is a bad business

Posted on Sunday, November 28th, 2010 at 8:41am CST by a4dbe518

Product: Online game

Company: RebirthRO

Location: DK


Category: Other

I just want to let everyone know what kind of people this game company is. They have allowed my son to fraudulently use my credit cards, paypal, and checking account to get points for this game to the tun of $550. I tried to ask them to refund the money but they kept it and banned him from the game. So I paid and he got nothing. These people are not legitimate business people. They target kids with their game, yet their items cost anywhere from $25 to $1000 for pretty much nothing. They obviously make their money from kids who use their parents credit cards, etc. and then keep the money. They should be banned from sites like paypal, amazon and the other pay sites but these sites are enabling them to allow kids easy access to the parent's bank accounts. I have asked paypal to remove them but the did nothing. They just took the money out of my account. $430 from my checking account through paypal, $100 through Amazon, $26 directly from a credit card. I have made many attempts to ask them for my money back but have gotten no response.

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4282537c, 2011-03-12, 08:14PM CST

its common sense to always hide your valueables specially if its your hard earned money, that game company didnt do anything OR didnt even say to steal or use their parents credits to buy in-game items, did those guys from that company knocked at your door and asked for your credit card and its pin? games are just there the only problem is the attitude of people who plays it, dont tell me you've already forgotten your childhood? for me its really stupid to blame someone for their childs behavior, remember your home and the parents are ALWAYS responsible on how their children will grow and will take responsible for their every action. or are you just blaming others for your own negligence in hiding your creditcards? each person and companies have their own rules, we all establish rules to keep stability on our surroundings, you cant blame a company for not returning your money, have you even tried reading that game company's rules and policy? youre aware you also have rules in your home so its your fault if your children didnt obey it youre the parent of the "suspect" the person who personally stole your money.

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