Macys - Racialism

Posted on Sunday, November 28th, 2010 at 3:05pm CST by b4ba96ef

Product: 9'' digital fram

Company: Macys

Location: San Francisco Union Square
San Francisco, CA, US


Category: Other

Although I rarely go shopping in Macys, it impressed me always as a Shopping Paradise. Everyone walks out of the gate of the Macys, with the big and small red Macys bags, all smiles... But this thanksgiving, after my shopping in Macys was finished, it totally broke my original point of view towards Macys.

Nov 27, 2010, around 8am, I took a list and went shopping in Macys by myself. The first item of the list is a digital frame. From what I have been told, most of the small household electrical appliances are on the first basement. So I went downstairs and asked one sales there where I can get a digital frame, he showed me the elevator and told me I should go to 6th floor. However, when I ask some sales on the 6th floor, they said they didn't have digital frames there, they only had the normal frames, and they had no idea why basement sent so many customers who wants to buy digital frames to 6th floor. At last, they told me that since the basement didn't have the digital frames and neither did they, maybe I should go to the men's building.

Then I went to the men's building, but I still didn't know where the digital frames were, even I read the sign board with the directions carefully. So I decided to go downstairs and asked the sales there. I met a very nice female sales, she didn't know where to get a digital frame, but she asked her manager for me. Her manager was surprised why the women's building sent a customer here because there is no electrical goods in men's building. At last, the sales and her manager suggested me to go back to the women's building and go downstairs to ask the manager there.

The above is not my complaints. Although I went the long way, and felt a little tired, I still can understand there are too many goods in Macys and sales have too many things to do and they can't remember everything. What I am going to say now is purely outrageous!

I had to go back to the basement of the women's building again. I went to the cashiers and asked 2 cashiers there. One of them was the sales who sent me to the 6th floor. The other was a woman sales who wear a calling card - Nacy. All I want to complain are about her.

I asked Nacy the same question about where I could get a digital frame, she answered me with same answer as the first sales. So I wanted to explain the reason why I came here again. But she interrupt me with an impatient look, told me stonily that she would help me later. About 5 minutes later, she let me follow her to find the digital frame, and after 1 minute we found it! I was too happy to care about her attutide and thanked her many times to help me find the digital frame which already had taken me a lot of time.

However, maybe Nacy thought I am a good bully. After I checked out, she gave me a rebate form which I never did. So I told her I didn't know how to fill out this form and asked her about I could filled the rebate form online or not.

"You don't know how to fill out this rebate form?!" She replied with an incredulous look, sounds like she is my teacher and I am the bad student.

I was frightened by her attitude, I thought that was my mistake, and I should know how to fill out the rebate form. So I whispered her with the shame, "Can you help me to fill out the rebate form please?"

She seemed more smugly and furiously. She helped me to write down the addressed on the envelope, and talked to me with a full of reproach. "Do you speak Chinese? I can't believe you can't fill out the simple form! You just need to follow these steps!" She asked me in stiff cantonese, and show me "Chinese people are so stupid" face.

At that moment, one of her co-worker came to say hello to her, suddenly a grin on Nacy's face, she embraced her co-worker tenderly and had a nice chat.

After her co-worker gone, she turned around and looked at me, "Now do you know how to fill out it?" She asked me in Cantonese again and gave me a serious look.

I became a yes-man in front of her. I thanked her again and left, she didn't even say good bye or anything like "have a nice day" to me.

I was too sad to buy the other commodities on my list. I just went home immediately, and told my mom and my friends everything happened in Macys. All of them are so angry, and they ask me to compose a letter of complaint as soon as possible.

I don't want her to apologize, I just want to say this is the first time I was treated like that, I don't know it is a racism or not. I won't go shopping in Macys again because I can not forget this experience and walk out of the psychological shadow. Macys for me is not the shopping Paradise anymore.

I hope Macys pay attention to this issue and no more customers will have this kind of terrible experience again in Macys.

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c458eec9, 2011-10-17, 01:00PM CDT

Maybe it would help you living in the US if you learn to speak, write and understand's a tip for you..if the line says print first name here..that's where you write your first name..the same goes for your address..also if it asks for any numbers like a serial number you will find that on the box somewhere or the item itself usually on the the bottom of the card you are filling out where it says signature..then you write your name in cursive..if you cannot write your name in cursive then take classes and learn make fun of how she speaks your language, yet you seem to forget you are in the should be learning our language..I know a woman who is from China, she's been here 25 years and she still can't speak, write or understand fair do you think that is to us US natives? That means those who were born in the US.. btw there's no such word as "racialism" one last thing "welcome to america , now learn the language"

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